One of the more light hearted and fun points in our London Fashion Week diaries. i-am-chen is not only a show we look forward too, but it also makes you smile.

Now in her fifth season, Chen of i-am-chen is back with another stellar collection. As normal this is a celebration of wool and innovation. Chen has proven before that the possibilities are limitless when it comes to what can be done with wool.

Taking inspiration from American abstract painter Agnes Martin, who painted large scale works. Focusing on grids, lines and changes in subtle colour, Martin’s work became a focal point for this collection. Chen has used this painting approach to bring classic shapes to life.

Chen could also be seen as an abstract artist in her own right. Using bold colours, patterns and lines. The knitwear this season was more confident, colourful and bold. The collection itself was a joy to behold.

We loved the wide branded scarves slung casually over shoulders of rich red roll necks, contrasted with bright sunshine yellow trousers. Soft loose cardigans and jumpers made delicious partners to day dresses and skirts.

The layering of the colours and patterns looked effortless and the looks breezes down the runway. Yet knowing Chen’s oeuvre as we do, we knew that the engineering behind the collection will be cutting edge, and pioneering in the wool world.

The trajectory of the label can only be up, winning countless awards and this year being a finalist for the 2019 International Woolmark Prize.

Chen put a huge smile on our faces with an expertly executes collection, the attention to detail was sublime. We are not surprised that this label has so many fans, this was another superb season for i-am-chen.