Iconic Cinema

The other weekend we headed on down to the Discover.Film Festival which took place in Leicester Square’s iconic Prince Charles Cinema. Quentin Tarantino even once described it as ““everything an independent movie theatre should be”.

The festival included a series of jam-packed 90 minute screenings of the best short films from around the world, filmmakers discussions, networking events, an opening night gala and a closing night award ceremony that will brought together investors, distributors, film producers, media professionals and above all, lovers of short film.

If its one thing we’re short on these days is time, and we’re fully supportive of all things short… just not our cocktails.

A Prize Win

This year sought to be the most exciting year as Discover.Film partnered up with Craghoppers to set up ‘The Craghoppers Film Prize’ which at £34,000, is now one of the largest cash prizes in the world.

We wondered just how creative we’d be with that budget… film it all on an iPhone and source the clothes from LFW. Yes please. 

Features Editor, Charlotte, is a film buff, having studied it once upon a time, so it was only right she got to give her opinion on all things Discover.Film. She said “My love for film has been renewed and its great to immerse yourself in a world outside the Hollywood blockbuster. Films don’t have to be long and the beauty of a short film is an open ending, a refreshing beginning or both. Not everything has to be tied up and reach that level of ‘finality’ like a typical Hollywood movie”. We completely agree. 

Screen Queen

We dipped in and out of the screenings over the weekend and we can’t pinpoint our favourites as they were all so good. We’re even a little envious that the Discover.Film team got to sift through 2000 submissions to pick the very best, we would happily take that job next year!

You can find out more here.

Photos provided by Discover.Film.