Fashion is a business ruled by opinions, one day something is a hot buy, the next it’s dead. We are not such a fan of the same rules for everyone at PlusMinus. We believe that you should wear whatever makes you happy.

With that in mind we have complied some of fashion’s dividing items and trends to show you that you can buy and wear whatever you want. As long as you feel comfortable and happy in what you wear, you really cannot go wrong. Keep reading to see our controversial fashion picks.

Tabi Boots

The ultimate marmite shoe, that divides the fashion front row season after season. The boots are a main stay of Mason Margiela’s collection and are brought back every season. Available in flats, mid heel and high heel, these boots are inspired by Japanese socks which spilt the big toe from the rest of the toes.

Everyone who has a pair swears they are the most comfortable boots you can own, with the aforementioned spit of the toes allowing for more movement. We would love a pair, we are not bothered what anyone thinks.


Whether you like it or not, leggings are back. We even saw Anna Wintour talking about the 80s staple’s comeback. The comfy trouser alternate is a hit and miss garment that requires precise styling.

Get it wrong and you will look like a 90s soccer mom. Get it right and you are front row ready darling! We recommend trying them under a dress, or under a longer layered top to bring them into your look.

Cow Print

We have lost count of how many times we have told you that animal print is here to stay. Last year there was a new print that emerged around the same time as zebra started trending. Yes cow print is here to stay, seen on boots, bags and coats.

If you think that this print is just a little to country for you, we are here to tell you are wrong. Paired with denim this bold print becomes a chic alternative to leopard print. Just make sure you don’t over do it, with only one cow print item at a time.

Skinny Sunglasses

Dominating the feeds of every influencer you know the skinny sunglasses trend has developed into a big business. Every major brand has a pair in their collection, and the high street has more pairs than you have had hot dinners.

They are not for everyone, we recommend that you try before you buy. However they can look amazing. We love bright colours and detailed shapes for the most impact.

Kitten Heels

Quite often seen as the ugly ducking of the shoe world, the kitten heel is a dividing heel height. While your Gran may rock them, that is not always the best press!

However this season we are seeing more and more kitten heel ankle boots and cute heels that are a great transition pieces to take your late winter looks into high spring.

Clashing Florals

Fashion is full of rules, and one main one is the idea that we shouldn’t clash prints. Floras are obviously not groundbreaking for spring but they are trending right now. More specifically they are clashing for spring.

Richard Quinn has proved season on season that clashing florals is a high fashion must. Using a block colour as your base, layer on the florals in similar tones to create a head turning look.