With fashion booming like never before, the British high street seems to be struggling to work as quickly. Meaning that we are having more and more sales. This may seem like a bad thing long term, and could cause issues for the industry in the long run. On the whole, though it means that you can get the look for less, up to 70% less in-fact.

One store who have a great sale this season is &Other Stories, who serve serious style at the higher end of the high street price range. Well with up to 70% off there are absolutely loads of things in the &Other Stories sale that are begging to be bagged.

We have rounded up our top pieces that we absolutely love, and is what we’re buying in the &Other Stories sale.

Statement Earrings

We are not alone when it comes to our passion for statement pieces for our ears. Big earrings are on trend and have never been better. Make Pat Butcher proud, with bold yet elegant pieces in the sale at &Other Stories.


Tailoring is another mega trend that has built up so much momentum, that we just can’t see it going anywhere. A good blazer is easy to find, but can be costly. Hence the sale is the best time to invest, get more for your money, and spend as much as you can. Reduced blazers mean you can double the quality of your item.

Midi Dresses

Thanks to the likes of Ganni, Kate Spade and Gucci the Midi Dress is a huge hit this year, and we will be wearing them all year long. The great thing about them is they are all in a thin and flattering material, which means buying them in the sale will guarantee a great investment.

Ankle Boots

Everybody needs a great pair of ankle boots, and the &Other Stories sale has some absolute bargains. We love the soft leather and the fact they will last more than one month. We are still in love with white for spring summer, go bold with red, or classic with black.


We are sure that you are aware that the colder months are pretty much behind us for the time being. However, next season it will be cold all over again, unless you are moving to Australia, and if you are we don’t blame you! Well the sale is the perfect time to grab next winters coat with a heavy discount. As with the blazers – try to spend your full budget and get the best quality you can afford.

Wide Leg Trousers

The silhouette that wide legged trousers give you is a lovely thing. However, they look even better and hang nicely if the fabric is thicker – and more expensive – hence the sale!


All our arches need a chance to relax, and the best way is with a good pair of flats. The leather and shapes of these shoes are timeless, so are a very practical sale purchase.


If you have an early escape this year, then the sale is the best time to grab some last minute bus for your holiday. We love the bright summery colours of these one pieces.


&Other Stories are known for their bags, and they are of superb quality. Purchasing them on sale is an absolute no brainer.