Organizing your home can be a difficult process, especially if you do not know where to start. One of the first steps is to declutter your home, but, you may be thinking, “yeah, right, I don’t want to throw everything away.”

Fortunately, decluttering does not mean that you do have to throw everything away, but, it does mean you need to find a home for all your things. Below, we will talk about some awesome storage hacks that allow you to keep more of your items AND organize them too.

Labels Are Your Friend

You have likely run into a situation where you want to find something that is tucked away in your garage, but you do not know where it is. You find yourself going through all the boxes to finally find it in the last box.

Do you know what could have helped you in this situation? Labels! Labels are ideal and should be placed on all your storage boxes and containers because it will not only save you time but lead you right where you need to go.

Don’t Toss Out the Egg Cartons

Your Styrofoam egg cartons are more valuable than you may think. They make the perfect storage container for small jewelry and especially Christmas ornaments.

If you do decide to use them, make sure you place them inside of a plastic storage bin to prevent them from being crushed.

Hooks Are the Go-To Storage Solution

Hooks are the wall’s best friend and yours too. You will find that hooks offer you a lot of versatility and they keep items off your floor.

For example, you can place hooks in the laundry room and keep your ironing board, broom, and mop off the floor. How convenient!

Use Clear Containers

Storing items is more about the functionality of your space and being able to locate and access the items when you need to. Having tons of boxes without a way to see into them is not convenient and can create a headache for you.

When you do store your items, use clear containers, as you will be able to see inside and know exactly what to grab.

Create Your Own Shelving

Only you know best and this couldn’t ring truer when it comes to storage and organization. You know exactly what type of space and how much of it you need, so why not create your own shelving system to accommodate it?

For example, if you need more space for your shoes, create a shelving system where you can keep heavier and larger shoes at the bottom and smaller shoes on racks near the top. This way, you can see all your shoes at a glance and grab them in seconds.

Home Organization Doesn’t Mean Starting Over

While it may sound easier to throw everything out and start over, you do not have to. With a few simple adaptions and changes, you can have your home organized and clutter free in one weekend.

If you find that these tips are not enough to more the clutter, you may need to rent a storage unit. You can find great storage prices here. A storage unit can help you get the stuff that is taking up space in your garage and closets so you have more room to store seasonal decorations and create easily accessible storage for everyday use items.