Olvanhill first caught our eye at Graduate Fashion Week in June and since then we’ve been eagerly awaiting news about the budding designer.

Since GFW Katie, the designer behind the brand, has been incredibly busy but we managed to grab her for a quick chat this weekend about her life cycle of a garment concept, launching a brand and what’s next for her designs.

Olvanhill designs

Katie wearing one of her scarves

The brand concept for Olvanhill is simple: to track the life cycle of each garment she makes.

In a world where a lot of fashion is fast and easily replaceable, we were really taken with the concept of giving each item a life story and encouraging the up-cycling of clothes.

Lets be honest, who wouldn’t want to learn who had previously worn their clothes and what adventures they had been up to?!

“I may be having a buy-back scheme so if someone bought something from us, when they didn’t have a need for it they could sell it back to us so we can see where it goes next and continue up-cycling it,” Katie explained.

“I do like the tracking and the storytelling aspect of it so it’s about how I can implement that in different ways.”

Graduate Fashion Week

One of Katie’s designs at Graduate Fashion Week 2015

Since we met her at GFW Katie has won the ideas prize in the If We Can You Can 2015 Challenge and is working with Spark to help her fast-track her brand onto the market.

It’s not hard to imagine that fast-tracking a brand involves a lot of work, and Katie has been busy working solo.

“At the moment it’s just me, in my bedroom, going crazy with the sewing machine!” she said.

“I love design, it’s my passion, I love textiles, I love printing but in all honesty I hate sewing so if I could eventually get someone to help me with that aspect of it that would be my absolute dream.”

Olvanhill scarves

An Olvanhill bespoke printed scarf

Olvanhill has started small, selling a selection of bespoke printed scarves, but Katie has plans to start selling clothing within the next six months.

She said: “I do want to eventually do some really unique garments, it’s probably going to be quite 70s inspired because that’s my era that I’m really obsessed with at the moment.”

We can’t wait for Katie to get back to designing clothing, her prints are gorgeous and we’re sure Olvanhill is a name we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future.