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Is it just us or is oversized having a (very long) moment right now? Over the last few years, it seems there’s always been an oversized something on the list of top trends to be seen in. We’ve had oversized tees, oversized jumpers, oversized blanket scarves, oversized denim jackets, oversized sunnies and even oversized shirts.

Now, it seems, we’ve firmly entered the era of the oversized statement sleeve. Perhaps we exhausted all of the clothing categories so now it’s time to move on to the details. Whatever the reason, sleeves are very much the thing you should be wearing at least twice their normal size this season.

Here are a few of the chicest ways to wear your sleeves this season – from pretty silhouettes to the ones with more volume than an XXL mascara. We think you’ll agree: this is a trend that everyone can get in on.

How will you wear yours?

Elbow down: Go for sleeves that flare from the elbow for a dramatic update to any simple top or dress.

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Wrist alert: Keep it simple and ease into the trend with a subtle wide wrist.


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Add some pattern: The wide sleeve trend works for any tee, plain or patterned.


Be bold: There’s no limit to how daring you can be with statement sleeves. We love this pink number with tie-up details.


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Layer up: Don’t be scared to layer your statement sleeves under a simple, tailored crop.


Shape up: Pretty much anything goes when it comes to shape – as long as it adds volume.


Work it: Don’t be afraid to stand out! This is a trend that works for anyone, whether you’re print lover or rely on your trusty white shirts.

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