Sometimes you need some inspiration for your next holiday, don’t you think?

We can all get stuck in a rut and consider going to the same destinations year after year, and it can get a little mundane and dare I say boring. Although every holiday is something you will be excited about, I bet you have a list of destinations stored in your mind or in a diary of those places you just have to see. 

If you want somewhere new to explore this year (and share on Instagram long after you return) here are some destinations you might want to add to that list.


Macedonia is a landlocked mountainous region with some absolute amazing beauty spots. The capital, Skopje, also has some really unique spots, meaning this could be the ideal city break with a difference. Hotels like the Skopje Marriott Hotel gives you the ideal spot to explore this city, and there’s plenty to see. From the Roman and Ottoman influences on the buildings, to the old town, it really is a city of wonder.


Maybe it’s time to take a break over the Atlantic and head to Central America. Guatemala has some great places of beauty but one in particular has to be the Lake Atitlan. The area is still quite off the beaten track, perfect for bucket list wanderlusts, but it is a place of sheer beauty. You also have the capital of Guatemala city filled with a vibrant vibe to enjoy while you are away. A unique and different vacation destination for sure.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

If you want the perfect escape from real life then look no further than Tortola, which is part of the British Virgin Islands. Also famous in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, this location really does have it all and is remote meaning you can’t fly there. You would fly into St Thomas and then head on a water taxi boat to the island. Crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches, the perfect place to escape as a couple or with a group of friends for the ultimate holiday of relaxation.


Chile and its capital, Santiago, are often overlooked for other destinations in South America, but it is fast becoming more and popular thanks to an influx of investment in restaurants and boutiques. That makes this city a great destination to travel to.

Wonderful surroundings and fabulous views of the Andes could really seal it for you. There is also a huge park offering outdoor pools, a zoo to explore and the beautiful botanical gardens to wander around.


Finally, Greece is well known for its beautiful Greek islands, and there are some really popular ones to see such as Zante or Corfu. But more people are heading to Santorini for the beautiful and picturesque villages and crystal blue waters. White buildings with a backdrop of blue make this place an Instagrammer’s dream. Definitely one to see and experience at some point.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration for your next trip away, or check out these Instagrammable London cafés for somewhere a little closer to home!