We have all been there, we wake up and somehow we don’t feel that well at all. Whether you didn’t get much sleep as you need, have a bad headache, or maybe had one to many margaritas last night, you can feel absolutely rubbish, but still need to function.

Keep reading to find out what to do when you are not feeling fresh.

Do not stay in bed!

So you have woken up, and you really don’t feel too hot. Unless you have a certified day of absolutely nothing on, we really recommend that you don’t wallow in bed. If you have woken up and it is a decent hour, we recommend that you get up, and try and rescue the day.

Go for a walk/run

As long as you are not in absolute agony, broken a limb or about to give birth, fresh air can work absolute wonders. There is a lot to be said for the boosting and restorative benefits of taking time outside.

Gentle exercise will also help increase the production of endorphins, which can have a euphoric effect, helping mask pain and give your day a great start.

Have a shower

In a similar way that exercise will boost your mood, having a great shower can do the same. It will help freshen your skin, and your mood towards the day.

Everything looks brighter after a really great shower, and you will be left feeling energised and brighter.

Make yourself Breakfast

Okay so you still don’t feel amazing, well have you thought about eating? A good breakfast could be the difference between a crap day, and an okay day.

Don’t feel you have to cook! Start small, a bit of fruit, maybe a smoothie. How do you feel about toast? We only suggest you stay away from coffee, as it boost of caffeine will leave you feeling even more tired later, and is actually dehydrating compared to water or tea.

Reschedule your day

So you’ve tired those 4 things, and maybe you just still don’t feel well. No one will thank you for moping round the office, or being ill in that board meeting.

If your schedule is elastic, or can be shuffled, we say do it. Whether you go in later, take a day off, or plan to work from home, it could just be the answer to making you feel that bit better.


Never underestimate the power of H2O. Yes it may not be the most exciting fluid in the world, but it can work miracles. Keeping your hydration levels up will help keep you feeling better, than say if you felt unwell and didn’t drink. The water will help bring hydration all areas of your body, will help fight pain, help your complexion, and rebalance your nutrient levels.

That being said, don’t over drink, as you will unbalance the salt levels in you body, and could make you feel worse!

Have an early night

You can’t turn the clock back, claw back a nights lost sleep. However, of you feel rough, and don’t get enough sleep odds are that you will continue to feel rubbish into the next day. One crap day we can deal with, but two is just unbearable. So get an early night, maybe have a relaxing bath.

Set yourself up for the best day tomorrow by ending today just a little bit earlier.

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