It’s not that often that we come across undiscovered fashion gems, but this is exactly what has happened. Last week we were scrolling through Holly Willoughby’s Instagram, for outfit inspiration. We happened across a sumptuous pink outfit with a statement checked skirt, which of course ticked all our boxes.


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Normally when it comes to the brand’s Willoughby wears, they tend to be partnerships with brands she works with or higher end. However, when we tapped the image for the brand we saw Label/Mix. This stumped us, because we ave never heard of Label/Mix. So all in the pursuit of research and bringing you the new and now, we delved deep to find out more. What we found was thrilling!

What is Label/Mix?

Label/Mix is part of the Next Family, but not a brand that has much attention, to surrey we would have heard about it! Tucked away on the brand section of the website, you will find Label/Mix.

Next say that Label/Mix “champions the next generation of design talents, collaborating with fashion’s rising stars and niche brands to create and curate a collection of beautifully crafted investment pieces.”

What you actually get is a beautifully curated selection of trend lead, yet classic garments that would work well in most people’s wardrobe. We love that there is a clear identity throughout the collection that creates a unified sense of style and mentality. Clearly Holly was onto a winner here.

The pieces are all collaborations with either brands or personalities in fashion. It feels like a super cool market place, like a very high end version Etsy, where all the clothes are curated. To help you orientate yourself around this new brand, we thought we would give you our top picks from this hidden gem.

Check Pleat Skirt

This is the skirt that started our obsession. A stunning pleated pink print sits on a lovely flow circle skirt. If you could do the Argentine Tango, tenths is the skirt to do it in, we love the graceful movement of the skirt, and how simply it adds a punch of style to any look!

Floral Print Wrap Dress

One trend that we have seen a lot this season, thanks to the likes of Ganni, has been the print splice. We love this interpretation in this dress from Label/Mix. The colours and the print work so well together, that we know this will be a staple in our wardrobes.

Kitri Studio Polka Dot Floral Shirt Dress

We get serious Richard Quinn inspiration from this dress, which can only be a good thing. The floral matched with a bold polka dot makes for a great combination, that we won’t want to take off this summer.

Natasha Zinko Slingback Shoes

LILAC SUEDE SLINGBACKS! Do we need to write any more? Well in case you need to know more, they are in an on trend heel height, and a cone heel too, giving a nod t0 the 80s redux fashion is loving at the moment.

Teija Check Trench Coat

We all love a lightweight coat, and this could be the one for us. We love the subtle hint of pink that runs through the checked pattern. Also extra style points are awarded for the flattering oversized shape.

LF Markey Button Strap Cropped Jumpsuit

Denim and summer are a non-stop hit. We loved the shape of this jumpsuit which makes this a fresh take on the denim dungaree.