It’s no secret that weddings can be extremely expensive. When you’re throwing a big party for your friends and family, it’s going to cost a lot to host them and make sure they’re fed and watered. Any way that you might be able to save some money can be helpful if you want to try and stick to a budget. One of the ways that you might try to save money is through buying some items second-hand, instead of buying them brand new. After all, your wedding only lasts a day, so do you really need to spend money on new items? But what should you buy new and what can you buy used?

The Dress

Whether you are willing to buy a second-hand wedding dress is entirely down to personal preference. Some women don’t like the idea of wearing a dress that someone else has already worn. However, if you buy a second-hand gown, you can still have it adjusted to fit you, and you can still find a dress that you love. Of course, there are other ways to save money on your dress, including buying a dress that’s not sold as a wedding dress. Both used and new dresses are good options.

Bridal Accessories

In addition to your dress, there are various accessories that you will want to add to your outfit. Your shoes, veil, jewellery and other items could be bought used or could be brand new. You might find that these things are not always easy to find in great condition. Vintage shoes could look fantastic, but they might also need a little bit of restoring before they’re suitable to wear on your wedding day. Some accessories could be not used as such, but heirloom items given to you by a family member or friend.

The Rings

As well as your engagement ring, there are also the wedding bands to consider. Again, these could be rings passed down through the family. However, when it comes to buying second-hand rings, you should be careful. It’s not always easy to guarantee that what you are buying is genuine. Take a look at the diamond engagement rings here to see what you could get new. You can explore a broad range of prices and different styles to find what you like. Remember that you are supposed to wear these rings for the rest of your life, so you should love them.


Decorations are one of the easiest things to do on a budget, especially if you buy them used instead of new. There are plenty of wedding decorations that can be reused, and that will still look great once they’ve been used a few times. In fact, you can probably sell your decorations on again once you’re done with them if they’re still in good condition. This means you not only save money but could recoup some of it too.

You can choose from new or used items when you’re buying things for your wedding. You can decide what your standards are.