Make your own kind of music often implies a life lead by ones own direction. However, the models in A-Jane’s AW19 presentation were literally making their own music. This set the tone for the collection, moving away from anything that had been done before.

The focus on Neue Musik or New Music to you and us, is a principal which aims to create artistic inspiration and optimism. This goes against the traditional composition structure. In turn A-Jane has created a collection free of preconceptions and preordained rules.

Bold primary colours sliced through structured silhouettes that had a real presence. The design to this collection was incredibly strong and thorough throughout. This may sound dull, but it could not be any further from dull. It meant that collection looked so well engineered, that how could we fail to want to wear them.

The designs flowed so freely that they occur in natural shapes, that we see in nature. This emotional connection that the garments gave us resonated on a deeper level. We loved the big skirts in bold lined patterns that were strongly contrasted with rich warm pops of yellow.

The shapes of the collection were beautifully highlighted and sculpted by the use of bold primary colours. Crisp white was cut through by dreamy yellow and green combinations, giving us peas and sweetcorn vibes, that actually looked incredibly sharp. Red had its moment as well, serving spicy pops of heat. Did we forget to mention that there were HATS. Which as a styling choice is at the top of our list for excellent exuberant flair.

We loved the style and flair this collection exuded, and we cannot wait to see how the collection is worn. Another stellar show.