You can’t open a magazine, newspaper or read a blog these days without seeing the phrase ‘self-made’, ‘entrepreneur’ or an article on how someone quit their 9-5 and set up a successful business.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. Perhaps you DO have dreams of quitting that job, harnessing your entrepreneurial spirit and finally setting up that business, whatever it may be. They say you should should have more than one stream of income anyway.

The Cosmopolitan ‘Self Made Summit’ is taking place on Saturday 22nd April and will feature:

  • Inspiring talks
  • Panel discussions
  • Speed mentoring sessions and interactive networking opportunities with self-made entrepreneurs such as Laura Jackson and Alice Levine, founders of food and lifestyle brand, Jackson & Levine, British Labour politician, Stella Creasy, fashion and beauty vlogger, Louise Pentland, and founder of Ciaté, Charlotte Knight.

Phew, that’s impressive company you’ll be in.

If this doesn’t sound up your street, here’s something that might change your mind: the event is being held in partnership with the online fashion, beauty and electrical retailer,

Kenyatte Nelson, Group Marketing Director at, says: “We want to inspire women to get more out of every day, and this event will enable just that. By partnering with Cosmopolitan we can reach a new generation of ambitious women to equip them with the skills and advice they need to get more out of their career.”

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This is the event that brings all those articles and blog posts to life. Sometimes reading isn’t enough – you need to see it for yourself, learn and best of all meet like-minded people who have a common goal.

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Even Georgina Holt, Publisher of Cosmopolitan, says that: “Cosmopolitan’s audience is full of smart, ambitious, business-minded young women, and we wanted to launch an event to equip them with the necessary tools, tips and insights they need to succeed. We are delighted to partner with to bring this event to life.”

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Bring your notebook, your idea(s) and your ambition and you too can ‘Summit’ yourself to being Self Made…

Tickets can be purchased on the event’s Eventbrite page.