The winter season is a real challenge for women to look fashionable while feeling warm and comfy. Layered clothing has evolved into the most popular styling technique, enabling females to layer multiple garments so as to create trendy outfits. 

In order for a woman to be fully prepared for the forthcoming winter days, she is supposed to have a wardrobe equipped with the essential clothes for this period. Nowadays, various clothing lines, such as Naya Clothing, offer female garments that are both fashionable and comfortable.

These are the top winter wardrobe essentials every woman should own. 

Winter coat 

Perhaps one of the most popular wardrobe essentials for the upcoming chilly months is the winter coat. The assortment of such coats is surprisingly extensive, ranging from oversized maxi coats to puffer jackets. Given the never-ending change in fashion trends, women are advised to opt for a timeless model that will never go out of style. 

Moreover, the coat you choose is supposed to compliment your body figure, as well as match your fashion style. Make sure you purchase one in a neutral tone like white, black, grey, or camel, and a model in a bolder colour to make a statement. In order to wear multiple layers of garments under the coat, it’s paramount to look for a looser model.


Oversized scarves are undoubtedly the most comfortable yet trendy wardrobe accessories that keep women warm throughout winter. These items can be worn in a myriad of ways to complement various types of outfits, from elegant to casual. For instance, you can wear an oversized scarf like a shawl over the shoulders for achieving a smart look or wrap it around your neck when planning to spend some time outdoors. 

In addition, scarves are available in a variety of styles, colours, textures, and patterns to suit every kind of outfit. Apart from keeping the upper part of your body pleasantly warm, this accessory can make even the plainest outfit look trendy. Click here to check out seven easy ways to tie an oversized scarf. 

Turtle neck

Another winter wardrobe essential every woman should own is a thin turtleneck. This garment is unquestionably the most versatile underlayer, allowing women to use it in combination with different types of garments to come up with the perfect looks. Investing in a couple of turtlenecks in basic colours is like investing in your overall winter fashion style.  

For instance, most women wear turtlenecks under sweaters to feel warm but look fabulous. Females that are fond of style experiments can try wearing a turtleneck under a sleeveless dress for a unique look. Another way to wear a turtleneck in a fashionable way is on its own, not as an underlayer, in combination with high-waist jeans. 


There’s no other garment more convenient for the forthcoming winter season than a comfy sweater. These clothing items are not only comfortable but also trendy, available in a multitude of colours, fabrics, and cuts. Nevertheless, cashmere sweaters are believed to provide the most lavish elegance and comfort. 

In terms of outfit combinations, sweaters look stylish when paired with leather trousers, midi skirts, and jeans. You can even wear one over a dress or a collared shirt, particularly the crewneck models. Go to the following link,, for some creative ways of wearing a sweater. 


Blazers are yet another winter wardrobe essential, indispensable for women fond of sophisticated looks. These garments can be worn over a shirt or a blouse when the weather isn’t brutally cold or under a coat at below-zero temperatures. It looks fabulous both as outerwear and a layer, which means you can wear it all winter. 

Additionally, the blazer is the right garment to wear when attending an event, going to a party, or a date after work, without going home to change. It’s vital to purchase a model of the right fit and fabric, complementing your body shape. Make sure you pair it with jeans when trying to upgrade your look from casual to sophisticated.

Final word

Don’t forego your fashion style because of the cold weather.

Take the challenge of looking trendy but feeling cosy!