In our society vanity is still frowned upon, yet the beauty industry is worth billions. So clearly we all still want to look our best and proudly so. Here at PlusMinus we support all forms of expression, and love beauty just as much as anyone.

We are all pretty much slaves to our keyboards, so ergo we look at our hands and nails a lot. Which means that we are very much a fan of having a great manicure. We all love a salon treatment, but we are still very much capable of going DIY and doing our nails at home, whilst binging Netflix wearing our pyjamas.

Yet, there is nothing worse than your fresh manicure chipping, and basically no longer being perfect. If this is something you hate as well, then keep reading to find out what to do to stop your nail polish chipping off.

Cut your nails

So you go to the salon to get your hair trimmed, because as we all know it keeps your hair healthy, and boosts hair strength. Well, cutting your nails will do absolutely the same. Sometimes our polish will chip because the nail is more flexible than the polish below.

So the nail moves and the polish comes off. Cutting your nails will create stronger more stable free edges to your nails, and keep your polish chip free.

File in one direction

Okay, so we have this on good authority, that you file in one direction only. Seesawing, or filing back and forth will cause friction and weaken the nail. Using one direction also allows you to be more precise and create a better nail shape.

You are using a base coat right?

Okay so this seems like common sense to us, but we know that so many people will not be using a base coat. A base coat preps your nails for the colour, fills ridges, and creates a tacky service for the next layers to really stick.

This prepping will help elongate the life of your manicure, and help prevent chipping.

We recommend OPI Nail envy, as it is a multi purpose nail hero.

Less is absolutely more

Okay so we are onto colour, and this is where you need to exercise some control. Thick layers of nail colour will take ages to dry, be easier to catch, and will chip quicker. Aim to use two coats of colour, that are thin and even.

The first coat is to get the nail covered following the shape of your cuticle and sides, and to coat the free edge. This can be patchy and imperfect. The second coat is where the colour intensifies and fills all gaps.

Seal the deal

Okay just as a base coat is super important, so is a top coat. A rapid dry top coat will seal all the colour in, and sink though the layers of colour to your base coat and create one impenetrable fused layer of chip resistant colour.

We really rate the top coats from Sally Hanson


So you have the perfect manicure, now you need to keep it looking great. Using your top coat again after 5/6 days will keep it looking super fresh and shiny.

Cuticle oil will keep your nails moisturised, stop any nourished and stop you picking them and chipping that polish!