It can be hard to stay motivated all the time and trust us we know. However, there are more ways to find advice and help than before.

We are bigs fans of YouTube, and the motivational videos that can inspire you daily. We have rounded up our favourites that we think you will love.

Keep reading to find 7 motivation Vloggers to follow for inspiration.

Casey Neistat

One of the best on and off daily vloggers on the internet. Neistat is honest, insightful and full of motivation and inspiration. Starting his youtube career after several successful television series in the US. Neistat brings high-level production to 10-minute videos.

Neistat discusses everything from how to create your dreams, manage your ambitions and create better videos. As well as sharing the life of his young family. Neistat is a unique and rare gem on YouTube.


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Hannah Hart / MyHarto

Hannah came to youtube fame with her drunk kitchen. She started the Have a Hart Day movement, which encourages members of her audience to give back to their local communities through volunteer projects.

Her videos offer a unique perspective on how to help yourself and your community. Urging you to get involved in projects local to you. She not only motivates, but you can tell she really cares.


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Fran Meneses / Frannerd

Fran is a lovely freelance artist and business creative. She creates all her own products and organisational material for her followers. Fran went from unemployed to having a shop full of products. She is full of determination and easy relatable advice about being freelance.

We love the way Fran illustrates and approaches life, she is one to follow for joyful advice.


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Anna Gardner / The Anna Edit

Anna is a U.K-based lifestyle online content creator and author of the organisation manual ‘An Edited Life’. She has curated a very individual take on the over-saturated beauty fashion lifestyle sector of youtube.

Anna is down to earth, incredibly talented and someone we would love to be friends with. We loved her recent book, and her Instagram is our go-to for relatable fashion goals.


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Estée Lalonde

Estée Lalonde is a Canadian based in the U.K., there is no limit to her talent. She is a beauty guru, style icon, and a feminist. Her open and honest vlogs give insight into her life, the ups and the downs. We have fallen in love with her dog Reggie, were there for her breakup, and fell in love wither jewellery collaboration.

Estée is a joy to behold on youtube, and we really love her.


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Nikkie de Jager / NikkieTutorials

The original queen of makeup on Youtube, Nikkie is just wonderful. She serves some serious glamour through her makeup looks, that look challenging but are super easy to follow in real life. She is honest and open about the struggles she has gone through in life, in regards to family issues.

We are huge fans of Nikkie, and urge you to go and watch her videos.


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Karlie Kloss / Klossy

Karlie may be one of the worlds best-known supermodels, but she also a heavyweight on YouTube. Offering a plethora of videos on baking, makeup to coding Karlie is a serious businesswoman with an inspiring aura that makes us want to succeed.

Really well thought through videos will provide you with inspiration and motivation, Klossy is a must see channel.


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7 motivational youtube channels you need to watch

7 motivational youtube channels you need to watch