Clio Peppiatt AW16 model eating cupcake

Arriving at the Clio Peppiatt AW16 presentation, we walk into what could be mistaken for an old motel, straight out of the set of an old Hollywood film. Around a room perfumed with the delicate Ghost fragrance ‘Girl Crush’ stand a number of not quite so beautiful women, whose Streetzie high heel bunny slippers don’t take long to notice.

This is Motel Clio and its inhabitants are dressed in the Ravensbourne University graduate’s most muted collection yet.Motel Clio - Clio Peppiatt AW16

Clio Peppiatt autumn winter 2016

Trading her signature, quintessentially feminine style for a darker palette of black, blue, purple and green, Peppiatt’s AW16 collection combines sequinned party dresses with silk pyjama suits. But the pieces look so effortless together that you probably wouldn’t notice these stark contrasts.

Other materials used include butter soft leathers, fine faux fur and updated Linton tweed from a traditional heritage mill that has been operating in Carlisle since 1912.

Clio Peppiatt autumn/winter 2016 Clio Peppiatt AW16 faux fur

Clio’s illustrations were transformed into subtly extravagant embroideries and appliqués this season, with dancing women, scorpions, horse shoes and ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs adorning everything from pencil skirts to evening dresses.

The designer’s motel theme was inspired by the subtle nuances between personal reality and the forging of new identities that guests undertake whilst staying at motels. We’d like to take on the identity of the girl in the Polar Bear showpiece, please.

Clio Peppiatt AW16 polar bear dress