If you’re a fitness fanatic who only comes alive when active, moving and pushing yourself to your physical limits, it can be extremely frustrating when your need to earn a crust sees you parked behind a desk for 40-50 hours a week. While it’s absolutely possible to achieve your fitness goals while working in a desk job, the sedentary lifestyle that comes with working long, sitting staring at a screen are anathema to health freaks. Not only does the stillness drive them crazy, they know enough about human physiology to know that all that sitting isn’t doing their bodies any favours. When we spend all our working day sitting before getting in the car and heading home for a good old… sit, it can harm our bodies in a number of ways. It can inhibit proper digestion, lead to weight gain and joint stiffness and even contribute to an elevated risk of heart disease and diabetes.

It’s time to get you out from behind that desk and making a living from your love of fitness and enviable physique. There are a whole lot of people out there who would pay good money for the ways in which your knowledge and skills could enrich their lives.

Personal trainer

The knowledge and skill that you take for granted in all things gym can be of tremendous use to those who have little free time to spare yet want to get as much out of their workouts as possible. There was a time when personal trainers needed to travel far and wide to help their clients, but in the digital age you can help clients from all over the world as an online personal trainer. You can put together a bespoke training regimen that’s built to the needs and goals of each individual client while helping them track their progress and make any necessary amendments to their plans. The great thing about this is that you can run it as a side hustle alongside your day job while you build up your client base.

Pilates instructor

There are some who simply don’t thrive in the sweaty, claustrophobic and isolated environment of the gym. These men and women may prefer a gentler, less explosive but nonetheless effective form of exercise, and these people usually find a friend for life in pilates. If you have a love of pilates and want to undergo Pilates Teacher Training you can do so for a modest cost. Again this can be run as a side hustle alongside your day job as you build up a clientele.

Physical therapist

Your knowledge of the human musculoskeletal system can be put to use in a number of ways, and not just to help people get beach ready bodies in time for summer. You can put your skills to use as a physical therapist, helping people to get their bodies back in normal working order following injury or illness. You will require a BSc in physiotherapy and registration with the Health and Care Professions Council but there are few more noble causes more worthy of retraining for.

With just a little hard work, training and upfront investment, anyone can monetise their muscles and make a rewarding and fulfilling living doing what they love.