Founded in 2017 i-am-Chen is this year’s recipient of the Merit Award, following in the footsteps of labels such as Han Wen, Phoebe English and Eudon Choi. It is clear that we can expect a lot from this young designer.

This collection was inspired by the film ‘The Scent of Green Papaya’. Inspired by droplets of water on leaves and rays of the sun. This is reflected in the print play seen throughout the collection; mix and match stripes and checks seen in bold splashes of blues, yellows reds and greens.

i-am-Chen aims to bring a fun and youthful approach to her designs. She is also technologically minded pushing knitting machines to limit to create innovate and boundary-pushing materials. This is knitting but not like you know it.

Using her unique and signature dense lycra knit, she redefines knitwear shapes and structures. It is both a durable and elegant mix. This season the line also features a fine silk knit, a delicate yarn created by an advanced 18 gauge knitting machine. Chen is aiming to show the world that knitting can be, moving away from the comfortable and wholesome view we have and present it as an avant-guard cutting-edge fashionable technique.

It seems that nothing can stop this young designer taking over the world, knitting fashion for us all.

With thanks to Nicola Hitchens and the team at Fashion Scout.