We’re always interested to learn about the next big thing in the cocktail market, so when we had the chance to grab a few minutes with the twins behind Double Dutch we couldn’t resist grilling them on when they launched the company, how they come up with their mixers and what the future holds.


Our Fashion Editor Albertine with Joyce and Raissa de Haas.

Netherlands twins Raissa and Joyce de Haas have always had an interest in creating their own soft drinks and it was making them for friends and family while living in the Netherlands that sparked their interest in launching a mixer company. However, it wasn’t until they won the UCL Bright Ideas Award and £9,000 funding that the company really took off.

“we wrote our dissertation about a new type of mixer and then when we graduated we won the UCL Bright Ideas Award and we got our initial investment from our university so that enabled us to start the company,” explained Raissa.


“Our recipes are based on food pairing techniques so we really wanted to make a soft drink that really enhances the flavour of the spirit rather than making something that’s too overpowering.”

A lot of thought was put into creating both of their mixers – Pomegranate & Basil and Cucumber & Watermelon to make sure each would perfectly compliment whatever spirit was mixed with it.

“We chemically analysed all the flavour components in our ingredients and then we compared it with the key components on most types of gins, but also vodkas and tequilas to see what would make the flavours of the spirits come to the front,” said Raissa.


The delightful Franco Dutch cocktail – see below for the recipe!

Following their success across London bars, the twins are now looking to create a couple of more traditional mixers, which will be launched at the end of this week.

Joyce explained how they’re planning to put their own twist on the iconic Indian Tonic Water: “We do want to stay focused on innovative flavours but we do recognise that we want to have a more comprehensive range of mixers so our Indian tonic water and the slimline will have a subtle twist of grapefruit and juniper.”


There’s also plans to launch something a little more suited to darker spirits this Winter, just in time for the festive season.

“Around Christmas we’re launching a super wintery one with lots of spices including cardamom and chilli,” said Joyce.

“Dark spirits, like darker brown tequilas or whiskies, those kinds of flavours will go well with the wintery mixer.”



While the twins may be from the Netherlands, everything is produced in Birmingham, England and with so many big mixer companys shipping product in and out of the country, it’s great to know that each of their mixers begins and ends its journey in the UK.

While the mixers alone are perfect with  a shot of gin or vodka (or whatever spirit takes your fancy really) they also can be used to make some fabulous cocktails and Double Dutch have shared one of their own personal favourites with us using their Pomegranate and Basil mixer:

Franco Dutch

50ml Diplome Gin

150ml Double Dutch Pomegranate and Basil

2 Basil Leaves

5ml Grenadine

10ml Vanilla Syrup

10ml Lime Juice

1/8th Fresh Pomegranate

Want to try their mixers for yourself? They’re available in over 150 bars across London, including the Dorchester and Sketch and have just launched into Aubaine restaurants.