Are you looking to date beautiful women from Eastern Europe? Then you are not alone. As a young man in his late 20s, I would say that I haven’t been the type to meet a woman in the streets and have heart to heart conversations. Aside from my sisters, mother, and female colleagues, I don’t have many females in my life, and this is not to say that I am a loner or shy to talk to women.

I have had my fair share of casual dates, but you can’t blame me, we live in times where it is not much of a deal to meet the opposite sex, thanks to the internet and dating sites, your next romantic relationship is just a few clicks away. 

Lately, I have wanted to meet a girl from a different cultural background with the hopes of hitting off and probably becoming intimate as well. I have fancied women from Eastern Europe and have always had it in mind to date a woman from Russia or Ukraine and was also open to the fact of trying out other areas in the region too. But since I learned how to use a dating site, I haven’t had much problems meeting ladies. If you find it a bit challenging to chat women up online, you can steal a few tips from this link:

Go Online

If you have been following up on the gist closely, you will remember I said that I had to learn how to use the internet to make new friends. It is quite surprising to me the number of things you can do with the internet. I was kind of a latecomer to the whole internet scene (that’s among my peers). Even my sisters were sucked up into the social media craze long before I did. I have had to do a lot of positive learning, and one of them is to not only get laid but also to get laid with a woman I wanted.

So it did happen that I came across the dating site AnastasiaDate, and that was how my life long wishes of meeting a girl from the Eastern European part of the world. For starters, I am a good looking guy, or I like to think that I am. So the first thing I do, whenever I get on a new dating site or set up a new personal social media, is to use my best photos for my profile picture. 

You need to understand that the first thing a woman sees on a dating site is your profile picture. Before she even goes reading through your bio to see if you are an “adrenaline junkie.” or have been to the Maldives, your photo is what will entice her to reply to your messages. 

When on a dating site, I like to check for proof that others are on the platform too, and so you can understand how surprised I was to find that there were a large number of North American men who also were looking to meet women from Eastern Europe. It was almost as if I was on another dating site with niche for men in the USA and Canada. But it did spell out boldly on the website to “meet Russian beauties.” which is what I was surely going to do. I guess these findings even made me more determined to get to follow up on signing up on the website. 

Set Up a Meeting

So, after chatting up a few women on the site, I had hit it off with a 24 years old student who I won’t be mentioning the name here for the sake of keeping her identity private. After a few months of constant conversation and exchanging pictures and having private video chats on Skype, I decided it was time for us to meet. Mind you, at this stage, I wasn’t still sold on the fact that anything serious was going to come out of the time spent chatting. But I guessed that she too might be hoping that something good will come out of our time together. 

As a guy with a good sense of self-confidence, I wasn’t necessarily fretting about what our first date was going to be like. But just in case, you may want to check this link for how not to mess things up on your first date with a lady. 

I decided to pack up for a short trip to Berlin, where she was studying as an exchange student from Ukraine taking two-semester courses in business management. It was summertime, and there was no other better opportunity to indulge myself on a getaway trip since she too was going to be free from lectures. To cut a long story short, we got together, and after a week of roaming around three different countries together, she killed any thoughts I might have had that we were going to last longer than the summer holidays. She wasn’t looking for anything serious and was only hoping to have a good time and thought I, too, was looking for the same thing. Fun. 

Of course, I was a little sad, but not for long. I soon was already relishing the thoughts of meeting with someone else and possibly, this time, lucky enough to find someone closer here in the United States. But when it comes to online dating, all bets are off, and you cannot be too sure that you will meet someone and hit it off right away. 

Rounding Up

It did happen for me the first time I tried meeting an Eastern European woman on AnastasiaDate, and since I have been back to the states after that experience, I have put dating on hold. But I intend to give it a shot this year, and guess the dating site I will be checking out? Well, I am sure you don’t have to think too hard. Just in case you also are thinking of dating women in that part of the world, you may want to read through this  AnastasiaDate review and see if the platform is worth checking out for you. But if you ask me, I will say you have nothing much to lose by signing up and giving it a try.