Over the past two weeks, we’ve been exploring the rising popularity of male fashion with a series of interviews and photoshoots with some of the most prominent male style bloggers. If you haven’t seen those yet, make sure you catch up on part one and part two.

Today we’re wrapping up the series with our final blogger, Anton Dvorakovsky. With his interest in all things innovative, he seems like the perfect way to round up the series.

Introducing Anton Dvorakovsky: Style Division

Anton Dvorakovsky The Style Division Blog

Anton started his fashion blog, The Style Division, over two years ago. It has since grown into a space covering everything from photography, technology and men’s lifestyle.

I feel that menswear has definitely become more accessible.

The term metrosexual does not carry the same negative connotations it once did. Social media has helped guys share outfits and ask for advice from influencers whereas before they would have to rely on friends and word of mouth. Fashion designers are also more likely to take risks because playing it safe and assuming men will be happy with a t-shirt and jeans just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Men who have have an interest in fashion now have a wider avenue to express themselves

It’s no longer taboo to ask a man where he got a specific item or outfit from. Technology has also made it easier to chat to like-minded people without geographical boundaries and share ideas, find advice or simply get inspired.

Anton Dvorakovsky The Style Division male fashion Blog

One of my first jobs as a teen was working in a fashion boutique.

It allowed me to appreciate different fashion styles and keep up to date with menswear trends. Although it wasn’t catwalk or high end fashion, it did help me develop an eye for style and a love of small details that can really enhance an outfit.

I’m a sucker for Zara

I own way too many blazers and coats from their last few collections. Reiss has also been snapping at their heels this season but for me it’s about the entire outfit and how the small details fit together. This is why I don’t mind trawling through charity shops in the hope of finding something truly unique.

Anton Dvorakovsky The Style Division male fashion Blog

Style Division started as a simple Tumblr inspiration page back in 2010

Over the years it has grown into a rich and informative lifestyle blog that’s read in over 60 countries. As with most bloggers, the initial plan was to have a space that allowed me to share my favourite internet finds, but over time I started enhancing the posts with my own thoughts and photographs.

Moving to London last year was one of the best decisions of my life.

The number of opportunities and like-minded people you meet is indescribable and it also helps that you’re never more than a few tube stops away from an amazing photoshoot location. As Men’s Collections enters its third year there’s a reason London, Paris and Florence have been chosen as the 3 cities to progress menswear influence in Europe.

Anton Dvorakovsky The Style Division male fashion Blog

The variety of people you meet and situations you find yourself in is difficult to comprehend when you first start out.

Because an event or a collaboration opportunity can come out of nowhere you have to be quick with thinking on your feet and making the most of each chance. Challenges arise when you have to balance work and personal life but that’s all part of the fun and a great learning experience.

Finding someone with similar interests or someone finding you because they love your work has never been easier.

The internet has allowed us to connect to individuals in ways that were impossible 20 years ago. Blogging is just one avenue to express yourself and your creativity and it certainly isn’t showing any signs of slowing.

Anton Dvorakovsky The Style Division male fashion Blog

Menswear blogging is less established than the women’s fashion blogging scene

There’s a lot of room for experimentation and risk taking. As Style Division is mainly focused on lifestyle it allows me to write about my other interests such as photography, travel and technology, something fashion bloggers are careful to avoid as the topics may seem a little too broad.

Toni Tran from Fashitect is one of the hardest working fashion bloggers in the UK

I love visiting his website for visual inspiration and general lifestyle tips. Justin Livingston from Scout Sixteen is another blogger I chat to as he has impeccable American style and a keen eye for photography. Pelayo Diaz from katelovesme is another blogger I love talking to; his effortless style is hard to replicate yet he’s always trying new things and isn’t afraid to overstep the boundaries when needed.

Anton Dvorakovsky The Style Division male fashion Blog