Hot on the heels of its counterpart show in New York, Malan Breton presented his latest collection to an awed audience (including us) on the second day of LFW at Freemasons Hall. Breton is known for his unique style, and this collection was on brand with a dark sexy way of dressing way that feels old-fashioned in all the right ways.

Back with more of his dark and sexy vision of modern dressing, Hades in Darkness took a twisting turn through history as Malan Breton drew inspiration from the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Focusing on the ‘magical darkness’ and referencing the comic book villains that roamed the shadows during this period, Breton fused together dark history with elegant tailoring to create a stunning collection.

The garments exuded a sense of drama and theatrics, a sense of mystery that could be described as modern nostalgia. This was felt in the way silks and tulles were transformed to give the illusion of wings. Hand beading blended beautifully into rich brocades, true to the decadence of the period Breton references. The show felt like a dark twisting Dickensian tale. About the actual garments, we need only say one word: GOWNS. The dresses that Breton presented were stunning. These couture contours were created by the famous house of Lesage in Paris – owned by the Couture wing of Chanel and used by Dior, YSL and many more designers – so it is clear that Breton is in good company. Sheer sections, ribbons, bows, high shine feathers, sequins and so much more made this collection scream feminine elegance. This ultra decadent femininity was contrasted with high shine rubber in the form of glossy overcoats, dresses and trousers.

Most Victorian stories have brutal evil endings, and whatever the journey Breton took to form this collection, the ending is sublimely breathtaking. We left the show in a stunned silence – true beauty is a rare sighting.