Malan Breton AW18 – Ready for Battle

Malan Breton is always a hot ticket, and day 2 of London Fashion Week saw us heading to the highly anticipated show. Breton is known for his chinoiserie flair, and this collection worked with and grew the brand identity.

Titled Omega which signifies the end of a journey to one’s sense of clarity and self. There is no denying that all of Breton’s work is incredibly strong, yet this collection seemed bolder than ever. There was a sense of freedom in the way Breton had created the collection, daring and dark with elements of sensuality.


This collection embodies strength and power, which toyed with sexual presence as the collection played with differing materials. Mixing leather and feathers, tweed and silks, this collection oozed luxe-decadence in a controlled measured way.

The show again combined womenswear and menswear. However, in 2018, perhaps clothes can be for all; that is certainly the case, as we fell in love with the patent orange leather coat on a male model just as much as we loved the extreme shoulders on the female model’s jackets.

Theatrics are always an element in all Breton shows and this season didn’t disappoint. After a seamless wave of wearable pieces, we witnessed two studded leather ensembles that signified a hardened resolve and the Breton warrior. Closing the show was a leather-clad warrior with her procession of male models in branded Breton underwear.

Quite the way to finish a blockbuster show and season for Malan Breton.


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