Is it just us or do Mondays get the an unfair slice of the week’s drama? Mondays are like the day equivalent of the person you bump into RIGHT after you’ve had a stressful day or an argument, taking the brunt of all your personal drama and stress.

We say it’s time to give Monday a break. She’s on your side and she doesn’t like it how you prefer Friday to her. So here are some quick, easy ways to reinvent your Monday with just a few lifestyle changes and make it the best day of the week. We promise – when your alarm goes off on Monday morning, you’re going to thank us.

Stop drinking coffee

I know this sounds dramatic, and go with me on this one. Although drinking caffeine is a sure fire way to wake us up and get us raring to go, it also raises blood pressure, causes nervousness and irritation and dramatic mood swings – which nobody needs on a Monday.

Get the same coffee buzz without the caffeine by washing your face with ice cold water in the morning. Splashing your face with ice cold water doesn’t only feel refreshing on the skin, but shocks the blood in your body to pump faster around the body, resulting in more oxygen being carried to your muscles and VOILA! More energy!

Have a Giggle

Nothing is better than having a laugh, and if you have to commute to work on your own – or find yourself solemnly crammed on the tube with your face in someone’s you know what – the perfect solution is a podcast. It’s are an easy way to boost your mood and make you smile on the way to work, no matter how early it is.

We love the Jules and Sarah Podcast, which is a real soul lifter. As two northerners in London discuss their parents, cheese, dating, love, life and trials and tribulations of living in the big smoke, it feels like you’re with your closest of friends having a gorgeous little gossip – definitely something that’s going to make your Mondays chirpy and cheerful.

And with podcasts being released every Friday, it’s the perfect time to save it for your Monday commute.

Dress Up

Nothing else is more confidence boosting than wearing your favourite outfit to work and just feeling absolutely fab as you step off of the train. So put on your favourite look and let the wind fly through your hair as you briefly forget that you’re not on the shoot for this month’s Vogue, rather than about to walk into the mass of people that is rush hour.

Buy yourself that new dress or those pair of shoes that you’ve wanted for weeks, or that new jacket that’s just a little bit too much for some people but just enough for you. If you feel confident in an outfit, you’re going to exude positivity and confidence, and your Monday will go from 0 – 100 real quick.

What we’re wearing now: 

Start with Yoga

Don’t worry, you don’t need to go all out and buy every single piece of athleisure on the market to be able to do a quick bit of yoga (but we also wouldn’t blame you if you did). Jump out of bed, open a window, get the fresh air circulating around your room and start waking up!

I’ve started personally doing a quick ten minutes of yoga on my balcony every morning and it’s not only a physical awakening agent, but helps me relax, destress and calm my body and mind simultaneously, ensuring that I’m ready for whatever Monday has in store for me.

If you’re stuck for yoga poses, we love ‘Yoga With Adriene‘. Her energising morning yoga routine is perfect for waking you up on Monday morning.

Put your phone away

We’re constantly told of the drama and danger that comes with being on your phones 24/7. but learning to put it down can be hard. If you live a fast paced life, whether it be socially or in your career, your phone can be like an extension of you.

The average adult spends 8 hours and 41 minutes a day looking at a screen – that’s over a third of the day spent scrolling through Instagram and stalking that cute guy on Facebook who served you coffee two weeks ago! – so turning your phone off for an hour in the evening can do you a world of good.

Instead, use your evenings as a perfect time to detox from technology. Turn off your phone, put it away and divulge in something pleasurable and self-indulgent. Have a bath, read a book, bake a cake… and, hey, why not bake the cake and eat it in the bath with the book?

Even if it’s just once a week, make it your Monday ritual to put your phone down and relax. Mondays can be stressful so give yourself time off from the drama of checking your emails and seeing what Beyoncé was wearing last night, and have some well-deserved Monday me time.

Now, move over Friday, there’s a new girl in town!