Regardless of how big or small your home is, it’s your castle. It’s the centre of your world, the place you return each day, where you rest and recuperate from whatever life throws and where you spend time with loved ones. A home that makes you happy is so important, and if you’re a sucker for stunning luxury there are ways you can go about creating this in any home. Here are a few ways to do so.

Lay Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are classic, they will work with any style of decor and always look elegant and gorgeous. Whether you’ve gone for shabby chic, minimal, industrial or something else entirely wood floors will work with everything. This means that once you lay them they will look great for many years to come- in face its said that real wood flooring can last thirty to fifty years since it can be sanded and restained a number of times. If you want your home to look expensive, get rid of the downstairs carpet and lay wood flooring all the way through instead. It’s expensive up front, but since it will last for such a long time is a good investment overall. You could look into home loans if you wanted to make these kinds of upgrades if you don’t have the cash readily available. Even if you don’t plan on living in your house for the next thirty to fifty years, wooden floors will bump up the value if you sell so you will not only get your money back but make extra too.

Go Open Plan

Older homes were built at a time when our entertaining styles were very different. Hosts would cook in a small kitchen which was seen almost as a ‘backstage’ area, and then serve to guests in larger living and dining rooms. These days, our entertaining styles are a lot more casual. An open plan kitchen/ living room with an island allows guests to chat to the host while they prepare food or even get involved. Open plan homes are highly coveted, and knocking through the wall and making your kitchen larger and better quality will add to the luxury feel.

Upgrade The Bathroom

As well as a stunning kitchen, another room to get right if you want to go for luxury is the bathroom. Go with a high end tile for both the floors and ceilings. A roll top bath oozes luxury, if you have the space a shower cubicle with a rainforest head would be a stunning addition. Fluffy towels, a thick pile bath mat and gorgeous accessories will finish the look. Invest in good storage to keep things like products and kids toys neat and tidy so it’s not spoiling the look. Tall, narrow sets of drawers are useful in small rooms like the bathroom as they provide lots of storage space without taking up much room on the floor. Be sure to carefully measure furniture like this before purchasing to ensure it fits!