LUKE are making a move away from their mainline range by branching out into sportswear.

model wearing a grey light jacket

The LUKE sport collection sees a dramatic development from previous seasons which have stuck to more traditional accessories, jeans, shirts and jackets.

The collection includes a range of technical tracksuits and jackets and the items are versatile enough to transition from an intense training session to the bar.

model wearing pink t-shirt and baseball cap

Fans of the original collections will be pleased to see that these items still encapsulate all the classic LUKE styling and finishing.

However, the sports influence on this collection give it a clear identity that sets it apart and gives it its own voice.

LUKE model wearing striped top

LUKE’S stand out signature strip of gold, red and green finishes the track tops and swim shorts, creating a stylised and luxury feel throughout.

The sport-lux feel makes the collection modern and desirable, yet the technical attributes will enable you to look good and feel confident during high-intensity workouts.

LUKE model wearing purple jacket

Clashes of reds and purples sit against tonal greys and blue across polos, tracksuits and outerwear.

The tracksuit designs are kept clean, with slim silhouettes formed by sweat tops and hoodies, while joggers and shorts are tapered.

LUKE model wearing grey tracksuit

The prints in the collection are kept to a minimum and subtly presented in a tonal way. The entire range is effortlessly sleek while retaining an urban stance.

Caps and trainers complete the range, and they all feature the gold lion logo.

LUKE sport has establishes itself as the opinionated younger brother of LUKE, offering a collection that is both technical yet luxurious and bound with confidence.