In collaboration with Fashion Scout, the Slovak Fashion Council introduced 5 Slovak designers at London Fashion Week. This international showcase of fashion was a beautiful insight into other cultures. Fashion is a global business, and not just the 5 or 6 cities we see all the time.

We were blown away by one designer in particular, and that was Lukáš Krnáč. Award wining Krnáč is on a trajectory that will see him succeed in fashion. This is down to the way in which he designs.

Typically working with humour and irony the designer is a proud print maker and designs every part of the collection in house. This attitude of Krnáč’s work is also commendable, as this collection was genderless, allowing the entire fashion audience to embrace his designs.

There was a bold play of colours, with rich swathes of green, bold yellow, bright blues and rich orange. This was contrasted with bolts of checked patterns, denim and a rich wool material in the form of tailoring.

We loved the spliced tailored jacket that was finished by a sweatshirt dress in the richest of emerald greens. The closing look, a silver sparkly short suit had a huge impact. Emphasising the main impetus of the collection.

It was a youthful fun affair, highlighting that clothes and fashion itself, should be fun.  Krnáč has a clear talent for creating a bold design statement, whilst still creating garments that we would want to wear.