If you’re unsatisfied with your current job then there’s no need to suffer onwards. No career has to be a lifelong commitment. You always have the ability to make a change and try something new (as scary as it might seem). Still, before you quit one job, you need to be thinking about the next one. If you’re looking to steer your career in a new direction then here’s some advice.

Careers for the non-workaholic.

To clarify, we’re not suggesting job roles that allow you to be lazy. There isn’t really any job that allows you (unless you become a rich CEO, perhaps?). If you’re the kind of person who wants a better work-life balance because you value your free time then you might want to consider a career that’s a little less demanding in terms of working hours. For instance, a career in web development could be perfect for you. It’s the kind of job role which gives you freedom in terms of working hours; many employers allow their web developers to work remotely too, so you wouldn’t necessarily have to be in the office all the time.

Other examples of job roles that suit the non-workaholic are private tutors and consultant solicitors. Essentially, any career that allows you to operate outside the standard 9-5 slot might be better suited to you if you want to spend less time working and more time with your family and friends. If you want to steer your career in the right direction then it’s all about asking yourself what you want from a job role.

Careers for the caring individual.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to do something that makes a positive difference to the world then you might want to consider a career that has a direct impact on people around you. A career in healthcare, for instance, is a great way to help people. And there are more options than studying for years to become a nurse or a doctor (unless that’s the route you want to take). You might want to consider a career in therapy or counselling. Helping people overcome their emotional problems or struggles in their personal lives is a great way to make a positive difference. If you’re interested then you’d need to study for a mental health counselling online masters in order to qualify. It’s well worth the hard work if this is the kind of job role that’d satisfy your goal of helping others.

Careers for the extroverted.

If you’re an outgoing person who’s stuck in a dull and repetitive job then you need to look for a career that’s going to be refreshing, challenging, and unpredictable. You probably want something that allows you to socialise with people on a regular basis too (not just your boss or a couple of colleagues). You could consider a career in event planning. That’s the kind of job that wouldn’t really feel like a job if you’re an organised individual who loves the idea of putting together parties, wedding, and other sorts of gatherings.