The military holds a lot of charm and appeal for a lot of folks. Naturally depicting strength, protectiveness and authority, it presents for many a safe haven and a brotherhood and sisterhood of brave warriors bound together by their sworn resolve to defend and protect the territorial integrity of their nations.

While some go right ahead to join this clan of warriors, others prefer to become their partners through love. There are so many folks who are just attracted to one uniform or the other as we can see from this article here. While there are several psychological attempts at explaining why this is so, that is not within the scope of this article.

Our focus in this article is helping those who find themselves within this category to find their right uniformed partners. We also want to help those soldiers who are busy safeguarding our nation to find love. They also need love as much as the next person.

How do we intend to go about this? Given the kind of times we live in, an easy way (and which is the way we are going about it) is to provide a list of dating websites that focus on providing this service to military personnel and those who want to date them.

We shall now look at a few military dating sites where you can immediately sign up to begin to get connected with soldiers (if you are a civilian or a soldier who wants to date other soldiers) and civilians (if you are a soldier looking to meet a civilian).

Top Military Dating Sites

There are a number of these dating sites dedicated to the service of our dear uniformed folk. We will however not look at all of them. We will only select five of the top ones. For a more exhaustive list, you can click here.

Military Friends

This is a dedicated military dating site that connects people in uniforms with each other as well as with civilians. The site covers the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Firefighters, Navy, Marines, Police, veterans and civilians.

Joining this site is free. You can post your profile, choose which military service you prefer, the location you want and other information that will be required to send you some matches. You can also browse through the profiles of other members.

The site also offers you the opportunity of joining its forum where you can interact with other users. You can even create blog posts

Note however that the features in the free version are pretty limited. To really enjoy the full features of this site, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership plan. This site has been on for almost two decades so you can be sure it is legit.

U.S. Military Singles

For over 15 years this website has been a great meeting point for members of the U.S Military, members of other paramilitary organizations and civilians who admire these folks in uniform.

This site offers 100% free registration. While this may raise some issues for some people because most free dating sites do not offer any form of quality, U.S Military Singles has proven that it is not one of those.

With a simple and quick registration process, you can be on your way to chatting with your future mate in no time.

Military Singles Connection

This is another Military dating site that offers its services for free. For almost 20 years, thousands of Military personnel and people who love our uniformed compatriots have enjoyed a meeting point here.

The site is very proud to have had a hand in over 1,000 life-time engagements that have occurred through this site. With the results it has achieved, it continues to be excited to offer these services to our military and military lovers for free.

Try it out, register, provide the necessary information and see what options are thrown at you.

Soldier Match

Soldier Dating offers a simple interface that allows anyone (civilians and Military) connect with members of the Military as well as civilians who love meeting soldiers. It’s strictly a soldier thing here. You are either a soldier or a soldier lover. If you do not fall into this category, then you don’t belong on this website.

By simply providing the details requested on the site’s homepage, you can search through profiles for free. It’s that simple.

The site assures that it is secure and safe for use.

Military Cupid

It appears we have actually left the best for last. This is by far one of the best if not the best online dating site for members of the military and their teeming fans. This site boasts a membership base that exceeds 600,000. Remember that this is a tight niche based dating site.

With this massive database, the odds are largely in the favor of people finding the right matches. Again, this site is for soldiers and those who love them or want to date one of them.

This site offers free registration which comes with a basic membership plan. With this plan, you can get around the site, post your profile, browse other profiles and even send messages to other members. There are however premium messaging features that can only be accessed when you upgrade to a premium (paid) membership plan.

If you are serious about finding a mate among the military or someone who loves military personnel, then this may be the best platform on which to search.

Online Dating Guide

Before we let you jump right into online dating, it is important that we provide some background information that should guide your usage of these sites. Understand that no matter how secure any site claims to be, your safety as a user of online dating sites is ultimately in your hands.

There have been several cases of online dating gone bad. Some have even resulted in deaths. You can find one example here:

Therefore, to ensure your safety while using dating sites, kindly note the following:

  • Online profiles can be fake or contain lies. This is the case over 50% of the time.
  • Be careful how you give out personal information about yourself. Keep your communications on the site until you are absolutely sure that it is safe to exchange numbers.
  • When and if you eventually decide to meet, make sure you meet in an open place with plenty of foot traffic. NEVER meet in a private location until you are certain that the individual’s identity is legit.
  • Should you progress to the point where you feel comfortable engaging in sexual relations, be sure to protect yourself. There are a lot of STIs out there.

The above are a few points that can help you stay safe as you use these sites. If you follow these and other tips you may get elsewhere, you will reduce the risk to you and be able to enjoy their services safely.