When your friends suggest ‘going for a cocktail’ in London, you imagine yourselves as Carrie Bradshaw and co, stepping out of a taxi and waltzing straight up to the door of any glamorous bar you fancy to find a table that (literally) has your name on it, right?

Sadly, for me anyway, it doesn’t take long for the the sinking realisation to hit that, no, I’m not on a Sex and the City set and in fact I am one of the many tired Londoners sharpening my elbows en route to battle my way to the front of a crowded bar to order a round that I’m guaranteed to spill half of before reaching my (standing) friends in the corner. Usually this realisation occurs somewhere between stepping off the overcrowded underground and into the long queue to get in to said bar in the first place. Add Saturday night into the equation and I start to question whether the 15 year olds drinking £2 bottles of cider in the park aren’t the ones winning all along!

Well, ‘Leicester Square Kitchen’ might just have a solution. Skip the jam packed bars serving overpriced cocktails and become your own cocktail connoisseur. The swanky restaurant and bar are adding some sweetness to your Spring by running periodic cocktail masterclasses from 24th March until the end of July. They offer both private and public classes which you book in advance, so there’s no chance of disappointment on the day.

Rather than a bemused bartender shouting at you as you try to decide whether ice is really necessary (doesn’t it just mean less room for liquid…?), the professionals delivering the class will give you their full attention as they talk you through the art of mixology. Options include Mexican and Peruvian inspired margaritas and stronger tequila concoctions, along with a number of signature cocktails. During the class there will also be canapes to nibble on which is probably a good thing – you don’t want an empty stomach or you might get carried away tasting your masterpieces and wake up having forgotten the whole thing!

You’ll leave with a certificate verifying your new skill, but more importantly you’ll have the expertise needed to host the ultimate ‘Sex and the City’ style cocktail night in the comfort of your own home! The class is £45 per person , and for an extra £25 you can add dinner to your reservation which, in line with the cocktails on offer, is Peruvian and Mexican inspired.

Great for special occasions or just to try something a little different, be sure to book soon as spaces are limited and it’s only on for a short period of time.

Click here for more info and to book.