When it comes to interior design, you probably have a good idea of the styles of furniture you want to fill your room with, the rugs you want to feel beneath your toes and the art you want to hang on your walls. But what about the lighting?

The lighting you choose for your home can make or break the final vibe, but it’s usually the thing that most people overlook. That also means that upgrading your lighting is a fail safe way to quickly give your rooms a fresh look for spring.

Whether you live in flat or a house, in the city or the country, here are some tips for brightening up your home this season.

1 – Make the most of the light you have

There are lots of ways to add more light to your home – the important thing is that you do it!

It might take a bit of experimentation, but finding new ways to change the light in your room is an easy (and free!) way to quickly brighten up your room for spring. You might even discover a new layout that works better for your lifestyle – and your Instagram feed – that you hadn’t considered before.

2 – Play with geometry

Just like geometric prints never go out of fashion, geometric furniture designs add a timeless touch to any room too.

When buying geometric shapes, stick to neutral colours like white or grey to keep it looking upmarket, or choose a bright colour to add a contrasting pop to the room. To keep geometric lighting looking classy rather than tacky, we recommend investing a little more at a design light shop such as Studio Arntzen by lighting designer, Paula Arntzen.

3 – Add some green to your space

Adding more to a space you want to brighten, might sound counter-intuitive, but it doesn’t have to mean more clutter. Introducing a few carefully placed plants can instantly give a room more life, bring your lighting to life and make it ready for the warmer seasons ahead. Not only that, but it will encourage healthy habits and make you excited to get back outside again!

4 – Start with the things you can’t change (much)

Your ceiling lights have probably already been decided for you, so these should be the first ones you look at. If they’re well-placed and the position works for the layout of your room, choose a shade or bulb that will make them the centre of attention. If they’re not so great, though, choose something simple and neutral and let another part of the room shine.

5 – Add more levels

Lighting doesn’t have to only be at one level. Far from it, a well-thought out combination of different levels of lighting can completely transform a room.

Once you’ve decided what to do with the ceiling lights in your room (see above), it’s time to start looking at more creative places to add lighting. These could be floor lamps, side lamps or even wall lights. There are probably more possibilities than you realise so don’t just go with the obvious choice – take your time to find a layout that works for you.