When a designer has a woman in mind, their clothes begin to have character – and Leon Lloyd’s latest collection had serious character. Presenting in the OXO Bargehouse building, Leon Lloyd showed an intimate presentation of incredible garments.Leon Lloyd AW17 at London Fashion Week

Entitled Onna-Bugeisha, the collection referenced ancient Japanese culture and the female nobility who shaped it –  the  Onna-Bugeisha. The women transformed from housewives into warriors to protect their homes and livelihood in times of war.

Leon Lloyd AW17 at London Fashion Week

The collection had a strong feminine silhouette throughout which was contrasted by bold almost armour like outerwear in sumptuous silks and wool, almost as if the models were protecting themselves.

It was incredible to see the whole collection in the space, with models changing throughout the presentation.

Leon Lloyd AW17 at London Fashion Week

We loved the way the collection also played with nakedness and the female form, juxtaposing the strong shapes with the innocence and soft femininity  of the female form.

Add to that the presentation had an incredible energy, with mood lighting, incredible music and scent wafting over onlookers. We were hooked – and what a fantastic way to way to kick off London Fashion Week.

Leon Lloyd AW17 at London Fashion Week Leon Lloyd AW17 at London Fashion Week