Athlesiure wear has become big money in the last couple of years. With many high end and high street brands all having huge ranges of gym worthy clothes in their line up. Yet 90% end users of these garments will never wear them to the gym.

Instead these garments will end up being worn as normal clothes, the laid back style and comfort that these clothes offer means that they are incredibly covetable. Gym ready leggings become the perfect base layer for a trend lead outfit. Trainers become the statement your feet needed. Cool down gear becomes the perfect weekend snuggle garment.

Yes there is so much leisure wear out there not being worn to the gym that we thought we would round up some of our favourites. Keep reading to find all the leisure wear you’ll never wear to the gym.

Gucci Technical-jersey stirrup leggings

Yes stirrup leggings are back in a big way. The thing your mum was wearing in the 90s is now a go to for so many looks. Paired with trainers for a flawless finish, or looped under the soles of your favourite pair of heels, they are really versatile and stylish to boot.

Joseph Mongolian-cashmere hooded sweater

This ‘cool down’ sweater is the perfect cozy option for the softest Sunday afternoon snuggle you have ever had. Paired with a great pair of high waited jeans, this becomes the perfect laid back outfit builder.

The Upside performance leggings

These bold workout leggings will super cute paired with another printed top, or worn under a plain summer dress to transition from winter into spring.

Alexander McQueen Gold and White Trainers

These trainers are so beautiful. Would they be great for the gym? Sure. However, it would be a crime to take the butter soft leather anywhere near a treadmill.

ASOS 4505 sheer athleisure vest

This vest is the perfect thing for layering under all your favourite day looks, or as a perfect sleep top. Why would you want to get all sweaty in it?

ASOS 4505 Ski Pants

Perfect for a cold day in the country side, these sexy ski pants will hug your figure and keep you dry. What more could you want? Also just a subtle hint that the animal print is amazingly on trend and will make you even more stylish.

Gucci Logo-printed stretch-jersey bodysuit

This statement body suit would look incredible in the world of gymnastics. It would look even better tucked into your favourite pair of jeans and paired with some killer heels.

Louboutin Sock Trainers

You would probably do damage to yourself if you tried to work out in these trainers, but that really doesn’t matter when they look this good. We love the sporty details, and know they will look great when we go for brunch this Sunday!

Pepper & Mayne Wrap Cardigan

This wrap cardigan is the transition garment you wardrobe needs. Tied over your favourite summer dress, this means you have a brand new outfit right now!

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The best gym clothes

The best gym clothes