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We’re just going to throw this one out there: Italian food is probably the most universally loved cuisine out there. But there’s a big difference between average Italian food (delicious) and really good authentic Italian food (the kind of thing our gastronomical dreams are made of).

Lamezia delivers that unforgettable kind of Italian food we’ve all spent far too long searching for. It doesn’t try too hard, instead letting the food speak for itself. And that’s exactly what the food does.



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Lamezia is exactly what a good Italian place should be: a family-run restaurant tucked away on Holloway Road. It’s the kind of place you might walk right past if you happened to be in the area, but would go out of your way to get to if you weren’t. Once you’ve been there once, you can sure you’ll be back again.

Don’t be fooled by Lamezia’s small size. The menu is more extensive than you would ever imagine, with a deliciously inviting mix of pastas, pizzas and salads. As well as all the classics, Lamezia serves up a range of pasta frescas, including an unbelievable lobster and crab ravioli, as well as a range of special pizzas.

Lamezia italian cuisine in LondonLamezia’s menu is full of everything you want to see in an Italian restaurant: artichokes galore, spicy sausage and all kinds of creamy cheese. Most of the ingredients are imported directly from Calabria, so you can be sure the food on your plate is as authentic as it comes.

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Not only are the dishes generously filling, but they’re fantastic value for money. Authentic Italian cuisine is the kind of food we’re willing to get a little out of our spending comfort zone for. But there’s no need to choose between a delicious dish of ravioli and that catwalk-worthy M&S coat you’ve had your eye on, because Lamezia won’t rip you off.



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In fact, you may feel like you’ve ripped them off when you leave. The regular menu prices are lower than your favourite London restaurants, but the budget-friendly lunch time menu is worth straying from your regular haunt for. If you’re up to the challenge, you can also get all you can eat pizza on Tuesdays for just £18.99. Yes, we did just say all you can eat…

Lamezia is the kind of restaurant you need to visit to experience for yourself, and will definitely be going to time and time again. Stop in for a taste of authentic Italian food and return for the homely feel and flavoursome menu.

Lamezia Pizzeria is at 165 Holloway Road. Nestled halfway between Higbury & Islington and Holloway Road stations, it’s only a 7-minute walk from the Overground, National Rail and Piccadilly and Victoria lines.