Most people would like to have bulging muscles, but they don’t want the side effects associated with steroids. An alternative? They use SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators to give their bodies a boost while exercising. You can read more about selective androgen receptor modulators in this link here.

With many SARMs available out there, it can be confusing to choose which one will give you the results that you are looking for. In this article, we are going to talk about the essential facts surrounding the AC-262 SARM. You need to know how this particular chemical will work in your body, it’s possible side effects and the recommended dose for it.

What Is AC-262 SARM?

AC-262 was created and manufactured by ACADIA pharmaceuticals in 2007. Initially, it was a drug that was used to treat Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer. The studies were performed and tested on animals, and it was a success. In one of the studies, the drug was able to produce 66% of testosterone anabolic action.

Since testosterone is one of the primary anabolic natural steroids, one can expect an increase in bone strength, muscle mass, density, and more. For males, this can mean an increase in their primary sexual characteristics and prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis.

Since it’s creation in 2007 and the success that it brought to clinical trials, it was administered to patients. The researchers found out that the drug was able to accelerate the spatial memory control of many patients. The result is that patients with Alzheimer’s were able to retain more memory and improve their alertness when they are on AC-262. 

When bodybuilders discovered its side effects in muscle building, they realized that this SARM was able to trigger testosterone production and increase bone mass. AC-262 does not affect the libido, nor does it have steroidal properties, so it’s “safer” than many anabolic drugs.

How Does this SARM Affect the Body?

This drug does what other SARMs do. When you take it orally or through intravenous means, AC-262 will attach itself to the androgen receptors of the cells. Read more about androgens here: will result in harder and broader muscles. You will have muscles that are bigger and better without risking medical conditions such as prostate cancer.

Generally, SARMs can cause shrinking of sexual organs but not with AC-262. This is something that will not affect your testicles and cause prostate cancer because of its unique composition and properties.

There’s no need to panic about the drugs’ side effects for female bodybuilders who want a fuller look. Some hesitate to take testosterone enhancers and anabolic steroids because of side effects such as enlarged clitoris or deeper voices. The SARMs will activate specific cells of the bones in the body without tampering the reproductive organs and liver.

Strength of AC-262

Compared to the strength of anabolic steroids, which has a proportion of 90:1, this SARM only has a 2:5 ratio. This means that the anabolic activity is about 65%, and the androgenic quality is only 36.5%. The traditional-based steroids’ anabolic to the androgenic effect is 1:1. This means that the anabolic side effect has an equal chance to occur as the androgenic effect.

One should be careful when it comes to this SARM’s androgenic effect since it targets mainly the prostate gland. This gland is responsible for the calculation of the current androgenic effect of the steroids in the body. 

In layman’s terms, AC-262 is a potent compound. You can read more about an in-depth review of this drug on this page here.  In itself, the minimum dose can produce the results that you are looking for. You should never increase the dose just because you just decided to. You need to seek the permission of someone in the medical field if you want to increase the dosage.

Benefits of Taking the SARM

It is important to note that AC-262 still requires in-depth research so that its full benefits and potential side effects are known better. However, some bodybuilders have provided relatable pieces of evidence that AC-262 works for them. The following are the experience of some of these bodybuilders:

  • SARMs Increased the muscle building capacity of the body.
  • Their pelvic muscles are stronger.
  • It can help treat people with Alzheimer’s disease. However, if you are taking this because of this particular medical condition, you need a physician to prescribe the right dose for your needs.
  • This SARM can prevent prostate cancer. The first function of the drug is to limit the body’s DHT, which is a precursor to prostate cancer. Because of the drug’s interference, the cancer cell growth will significantly decrease in the prostate area.

Recommended Doses

The right dose is still a subject for debate. For people who are taking this SARM, the benchmark is 10mg/kg to 30mg/kg. In this range of dose, they already see the benefits and optimal results that they wanted. But note that the trials for the dosages were made using mice, and there’s still no recommended amount of consumption for humans, so it is better to stick with this benchmark for now.


Overall, AC-262 is a SARM that can help boost your body’s muscle-building capacity and help you gain more strength. Since this drug is going to give you the benefits of an anabolic steroid without the damaging side effects to the liver, this can be a remarkable alternative for you. If you are interested in AC-262, you need to do further research and read through articles before taking one. It is also vital that you only get this from reputable and trusted sources.