Finnish designer (and PlusMinus favourite) Klaus Haapaniemi has teamed up with Scandinavian design store Iittala to bring two of his Vulpes foxes to life.

In the third collaboration between Iittala and Haapaniemi, the skilled glass art team at Iittala have brought Haapaniemi’s red fox and polar fox drawings to life as exquisite glass sculptures.

Klaus Haapniemi Vulpes Red Fox Glass Sculpture

The fox is a creature that has always intrigued Haapaniemi for its connection to mythology. The designer said, “Foxes are veiled by a certain mystery, though at the same time they are very common animals. A fox transforms well into a glass object: the fragility and the transformation has both feminine and masculine elements, yet the same time difficult to craft, sometimes unpredictable and delicate material.”

Foxes are veiled by a certain mystery.

 The two foxes chosen to be reborn as glass sculptures are a copper-coloured, standing Vulpes Red Fox and a blue-shaded Vulpes Silver Fox. Both will be available at Iittala and each one will included a certificate of authenticity signed by Klaus.

Klaus Haapniemi Vulpes Polar Fox Glass Sculpture

Klaus Haapaniemi has received a lot of attention in recent years having collaborated with names such as Christian Louboutin, Cacharel and Harrods. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.