Now we don’t know about you, but Mothers Day as always been an important one in our diary. This is the day where you get the chance to show your Mum, just how much she means to you. Our Mums mean the world to us, no one can do as much, and no one cares as much as our Mums do.

Our Fashion Editor’s Mother has always said that ‘it is Mother’s Day every day‘. Meaning that the love she gives and receives is enough every day.

With this is mind, to celebrate the bond of family, we spoke to three different businesses and brands this Mothers day to celebrate businesses run by family and friends.

Kit and Kaboodal

Kit and Kaboodal is a family run business providing high quality yet affordable womenswear. Originally started 6 years ago by touring the country shows of England, Kit and Kaboodal soon found its market ad the orders rolled in. With the family sitting room transformed into a stockroom.

Fast forward six years and they have a team of twenty, including photographers, designers and warehouse staff working in two purpose-built premises managing the ever-growing demands of the company. In a short amount of time Kit and Kaboodal has become a market leader, with family at its heart.

Keeping it in the Family - 3 Brands you need to know this Mothers day

Running a family business must be fun, what are the highlights?

We all have a vested interest in making a success of our business. We find that honest and open communication to be the best policy towards easy other, most of the time! Oh, and it is easier to get a pay rise! (We wish!)

How does your family relationship affect the way you run your business?

The family dynamics allow for business decisions to be made swiftly when necessary. This is very important when your business is fast fashion online!

What does the rest of 2019 look like for Kit and Kaboodal?

Busy! Exciting times lie ahead with a website redesign planned and expansion of our international markets planned for 2019. Also, two of our directors are climbing Kilimanjaro in September for Cancer Research, so training is in full swing!

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Love Layla

Stacey Dennis was made redundant whilst on maternity leave, she used this setback as an opportunity and decided to become a freelance designer. This then turned into a money making venture when her husband recovered from a back injury. Stacey designed 11 cards for Valentines day in 2014. Love Layla was born, inspired by her Daughter.

This then turned into pens, notebooks, wrapping paper, wine labels and even more cards. Love Layla would go on to turn over £1,000,000 in its first year. Now known for their humorous and controversial designs, the business which is a family affair has gone from strength to strength.

Keeping it in the Family - 3 Brands you need to know this Mothers day

Running a business inspired by your daughter must be fun, how did you come up with this idea?

The idea came up because I was made redundant and wanted to work as a freelance designer. The business wasn’t intentionally created to make Greeting Cards – but after Jay had his back injury, we had £30 in the bank, we turned to what I could do the easiest and Jay could advertise easily. The cards now fit well int the business name, given them really are from “Layla with Love,” and also resembles signing off the Greeting Card…

How does your relationship affect the way you run your business?

As Layla is still relatively young, she isn’t involved directly in the business but is fully aware we design Greeting Cards and Stationery – Layla often “designs” and makes cards for “Mum” to sell on the website. Layla regularly hears website addresses on advertisements such as the radio and tv – she always gets excited and says, “that’s us Mum – that’s us.

Layla is very aware that sometimes Mum and Dad have to work on things at busier times, but she totally loves writing in her own cards to send to us too! Our relationship is often full of humour, Layla usually playing the pranks and pulling out “bad jokes” too!

While being a Working Mum, I am lucky enough to enjoy the school holidays, family holidays and the school runs – we move the business around Layla and her requirements. Although Chicken Pox on our busiest day of the year was difficult…

Keeping it in the Family - 3 Brands you need to know this Mothers day

What does the rest of 2019 look like for Love Layla?

We are expanding our ranges as we speak – we’re always on the lookout for producing different products to add to our range – but still not rushing until we find the high quality our customers expect!

There are a few things in the pipeline to add to the customer’s experience too – without giving away too much, but will definitely make lives easier! And continuing to work alongside our hardworking, dedicated staff – hopefully picking a few more members up along the way! And to continue to enjoy being a Mum… with the aim of teaching Layla better jokes/pranks along the way!

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Balmonds Skincare

Balmonds (formerly Pure Potions) was created out of a Mothers need to find a natural solution for her daughter Lula’s painful eczema that was so bad she had to be bandaged to go to sleep. The mother-daughter bond is strong – but Lula and Natalie Balmond’s is unique. Despite their 30-year-age gap, the pair are the best of friends.

Tired of being prescribed creams and topical lotions that exacerbated Lula’s issues Natalie Balmond turned to nature to create a skin salve that worked. In 2019 this original Skin Salvation is the company’s best seller. Balmonds is a family company with all of Natalies 3 children working the company in some way.

Running a business together must be fun, what are the highlights?

The highlights are definitely being able to connect on a daily basis. Stopping to have lunch breaks together, sharing lifts home, enjoying successes and challenges together. It feels comfortable and close, without being intense!

How does your relationship affect the way you run your business?

It makes me very mindful of the effect everything we do will have on families like our own! Working with Lula – and my elder daughter Ellie – keeps me on track ethically. It reminds me of all the mums caring for their children with eczema, just as I did, and how hard it is for parents to get support in finding the right products to help their kids.

Eczema in the family is exhausting for everyone! So Balmonds is a company that is always going to care. We spend hours on the phone talking to customers who are desperate for some relief, go out of our way to provide support and information. We have a money back guarantee on all our products so cash-strapped parents don’t have to worry about wasting money on things that don’t work. Lula and Ellie are always there to remind me it’s about love first.

Keeping it in the Family - 3 Brands you need to know this Mothers day

What does the rest of 2019 look like for Balmonds Skincare?

We’re going from strength to strength! We’ve just relaunched with gorgeous brand new packaging, and we’re expanding into international markets later this year. Our aim is to make Skin Salvation, our original, hero product and the very same salve I made for Lula when she was a baby, into a household name. We’d love to see it in every family bathroom and kitchen in the world!

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