We are all natural blondes here at PlusMinus HQ, so we have never experienced bleach damage. Or rather that is what we wish we could write.

It is no secret that we are fans of bleach, and we have all experienced damage at some point. Through these experiences we have compiled a good amount of tips that will help you avoid the snapping, stretchy, and brittle dryness bleach can cause.

Keep reading to find 7 Ways to keep bleached hair healthy.

Go to a good Salon

Bleach damages hair, there is no escaping this. However, it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. Think about all the celebrities who go blonde at the drop of a hat, and whose tresses are very much in tact. We know they have oodles of money, and a team pulling them together.

However, it provides you with the knowledge that scrimping on your blonde process will increase the damage in the long run. We recommend a salon that uses Olaplex, which is caring to your hair and reduces the damage bleach causes.

Stop Washing it every day

Seriously, you know that washing your hair less increases the natural oils that keeps your hair in fine fettle. By washing your hair every day, you are washing away the natural protection these oils provide.

Repeat after us; DRY SHAMPOO IS OUR FRIEND. This will stretch out your hair wash to 2 maybe even 3 days, and your hair will rejoice.

If you have to wash it, wash it well

Okay so you will have to wash it eventually, and when the time comes, make sure you are using the right products. You want to avoid products that are drying in any way, and you want products that are designed to combat damage.

We adore the John Frieda Miraculous Recovery range, which has kept our bleach blonde ends silky from the minute we first used it.

Masks are your friends

Just as masks are a wonderful and indulgent part of a skincare routine, a mask is perfect for your hair. Pick one that is moisturising, enriched with oils and that will not affect your colour.

The packet will suggest you use this for 3-10 minutes, we like to go rouge and leave it on for an hour or two. Apply the mask and wrap your head in clingfilm, and then cover with a towel. This will increase the temperature of your hair, opening the hair follicles and allowing the deep condoner to seep into your hair. This will bring back the moisture you bleached hair will be crying out for.

Oil Oil Oil

Use oil liberally, we really mean this. Use it when your hair has just been washed, spreading it evenly through your hair. After you have dried your hair, smooth oil into the ends of your hair to take any static out of it and to smooth the follicles down.

You can even oil up your hair and then sleep with your hair sucking in all that moisture.

It hates to be tied up

Tying your hair up the wrong way will increase damage, and will cause your hair to snap. The best thing to use is a scrunchie, the fabric will ensure your hair is kept snug but not stretched.

It may feel like you are back to the 1990s, but your hair will thank you, we promise.


Really think through your hair routine, as excess heat will compound the damage that the bleach may have caused. Using less heat will not only improve the health of your hair, but will also allow your hair to repair any damage the bleach may have caused.

Embrace your natural hair type, put the straighteners away, and use a cooler setting on your hair dryer, or maybe just let it dry naturally.

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If bleach damage is getting you down, and our tips don’t seem to be doing enough. We suggest you talk to your colourist and stylist to ensure that your hair is getting the best attention. They will guide you through the steps that will make your hair its healthiest.