Now, not to get everyone over-excited, but summer is right around the corner and to fuel that excitement I have the perfect season-transition treatment: Benefit Drinks. Benefit Drinks are going to be the number 1 on the list of must-haves for that health boost you need this year. I had the pleasure and opportunity to try each one of these vitamin-packed juices and not to spill the juice but they were worth the anticipation.

Enrich Carrot Juice: The Happiness Drink

Benefit Drinks are all about the ‘natural’, so of course they kept the carrot juice rich in beta-carotene, supporting quality health for your skin and bones. That means you get to feel good on both the outside – and in! Not only will your body appreciate the little dose of TLC, but as proven by a 2013 study, an increased intake of this compound can make an improvement on your happiness.

Now this juice in particular was one of the tastier ones, and it is exactly what it says on the package – carrots are the prominent flavour of this drink, but as they’re up there with some of my favourite veggies, I was partial to this one in particular. Without any pulp, seeds, and gritty bits that come with other health juices, this is one of the more pleasant when it comes to texture, almost like drinking your favourite squash. I suppose if you’re not a fan of the carrot though, you could try one of the other two flavours on offer…

benefit drinks juices

Vitality Beetroot Juice: The Energy Drink

No, nothing like Red Bull, this juice is produced from one of the love-or-hate vegetables: super-food beetroot. You’ve heard it all before; beetroot has fantastic stamina-enhancing properties that promote healthy red blood cells to better carry oxygen around the body, improving circulatory health. To be precise, the athletes and gym-goers will be the first waiting at the starting line to grab this juice, but of course, that’s not to cancel out anyone that wants to have that constant boost of energy and keeping their blood pressure low while going about their day.

As I said before, beetroot is one of the more fickle veggies, and unfortunately it’s not one for my palate. However, those of you that are lovers of the plant would thoroughly enjoy this smooth, fresh juice. And with the added twist of apple, it makes the flavour all the more pleasant – this is going to be the drink to beet!

benefit drinks juices

Cleanse Prune Juice: The Refresh Drink

Prunes may be the most super of all these super-foods. The health benefits of these dried plums are above and beyond, protecting against cardiovascular diseases, aiding with digestion and helping regulate blood sugar levels. They are also, of course, full of antioxidants. To top all of this off, this drink was the sweetest in flavour, tasting just like your usual morning juice – but without all the refined sugars and additives.

There is a not-from concentrate option of the prune juice in a smaller 750ml carton, which tastes just as good and has just as many nutrients, but packs even more of a fruity punch. As with each of the other flavours, the juice was smooth and refreshing to drink, meaning there’s no need to try force this down – just replace your usual choice of drink with a Benefit Drinks option while enjoying the healthy rewards.

You can find each one of these juice delights being stocked in Waitrose for a low, low price, and you know you’ll be getting what you paid for. Failing that, these drinks can also be purchased online. Don’t be too slow to the mark as I, for one, know that these drinks will be sold out in seconds. And I will certainly be up there with the rest, stocking up on my personal fave, the Cleanse Prune Juice.

So while you’re waiting for that extra Vitamin D hit, fulfil your other vitamin needs and get your body in the mood for summer feeling Enriched, Cleansed and Revitalised.