With Whitney blasting out of the speakers, we knew that this show was going to be great. As we took our seat on the front row and had a chance to look at the show notes, the sense of anticipation began to build.

Mimpikta is comprised of 3 female founders, all from different backgrounds. Giving the team and the collection a really rounded view, this was a collection that was considered, and approachable.

We got Pucci vibes, with beautiful swirling patterns in bright colours. The designers moved away from the idea that clothes for the autumn winter season need to be darker and colder. This was a celebration of colour and it was joyous. 

The clothes were sensual and feminine yet very modern, and modest. There were no swathes of skin on show, no low cut tops or high rise skirt. Yet somehow we still found this collection to be sexy and fun.

We loved the long dresses, that had real versatility. Styled with roll necks this was very practical, yet very feminine and modern, this is really how women actually want to dress.

We wanted to bring you the inside scoop on this collection. We caught up with Mimpikta after the show and grabbed five minutes of their time to talk about the collection.

If you had to sum up the collection in there words what would it be?

Colourful, chic and it represents strong bold women.

The show was really fun, where did the mood and emotion for the show come from?

The emotion comes from the happiness we get when we come together, and put everything into one collection.

The clothes looked really easy and modern, is that something that you want to instil in all your collections?

Yes, yes, yes! Always, we are always fun. We come from different backgrounds, but we all love what we do and it is about coming together to achieve the same goal.

We loved the bright colours, where did this inspiration come from?

Everyone who is in the team is so fun and vibrant, so we didn’t want to stick to only one dark set of colours. So we chose bright colours to show this.