I get it. You’re a little pissed off. You and your partner (well now, ex) just separated recently and now she’s frolicking with some other guy you may or may not happen to know. It doesn’t matter who initiated the breakup or if you mutually decided to go on your separate ways. Fact of the matter is that it hasn’t been long since you two split and now it seems like she’s on a new romance. It really makes your thoughts go wild.

Was she by any chance seeing or entertaining somebody while we were still together?

Am I that insignificant and replaceable?

How could she change partners so quickly?

Yeah. It hurts your pride, your ego. But wait, before you jump to conclusions, you need to have definite proof. Otherwise, you’re just fretting over nothing. Rather, you’re fretting over something that is a total waste of time. How do you know that she’s got a thing going with some other guy anyway? Have you been spying on her? Are you perhaps, stalking her social media accounts? Well, whatever the case is, you can’t possibly throw a fit without definitive evidence. You’ll just embarrass yourself, really. There’s also the possibility that she’s just in a rebound relationship because – well, you dumped her and she’s trying to get back on you.  

If you really want to concern yourself about whether your ex is having a rebound or not, we might be able to help. This article is a good read too, by the way. 

How To Tell If Your Ex Is In A Rebound Relationship Or Not

When you say rebound relationship, this often refers to a shotgun relationship that started soon after someone has broken up. Some get themselves rebounds on purpose while others misinterpret their newfound loneliness as love (but of course, they soon realize that it’s not). Thing is, these are pretty common. This especially happens to the one gets dumped or the one who is most uncomfortable about the end of a relationship. After all, when people have been in a relationship for a long time, they find it hard to cope by themselves after a break-up. They think that they need someone there to be with them because they’re so used to having somebody else around.

Rebound relationships often don’t last and they also usually end on a bad note. You can learn more about it here. If one is lucky enough, the whole thing just slowly fades away into the background and both people just move on with their lives with the understanding that what they shared was nothing but a fleeting emotion. They accept it and just never talk about it again. But when one is unlucky, it can get really ugly. I mean, you may not be serious about the relationship but there’s no telling what the other person feels about being a rebound. Thank your lucky stars if you can get away with just a hate post!

Anyway, your ex might be in a rebound relationship if:

  • She seems to be hanging out with someone frequently soon after you’ve broken up
  • She shares a lot about this person (often in an attempt to get you jealous)
  • She does everything you do together before (or the complete opposite) but only this time, she does it with the other guy.

But whether your ex is in a rebound relationship or not shouldn’t really be a concern of yours. She’ll grow tired of it eventually and realize that a new partner is not the kind of healing she needs. If you seem to be affected by the whole “hanging out with another guy” situation, then you may want to reassess your feelings. Maybe you were just too impulsive to demand a breakup? Maybe you’re not really over her?

If you’re thinking of getting yourself into a rebound relationship too just to get back on your ex, then you definitely have problems. It would seem that maybe you’re really not completely over her. I suggest that if you don’t want her running to some other guy, get your act together and just start winning her back. We all make the wrong call sometimes. Maybe what you thought was a definite end for your relationship was just a temporary setback.