You know a restaurant is big on flavour when your ‘I’m-bunged-up-with-the-cold’ friend is raving about how good the food tastes.

Before we’d so much as set eyes on the food, however, ‘ULI’ had won us over with it’s stunning terrace dining area and clean white-wash interior. It makes sense really, considering the Pan-Asian diner is situated slap bang in the centre of the ever-so-chic Notting Hill.

Pan-Asian is tough for an indecisive diner like myself. The agonising deliberation over which type of cuisine to go for can be enough to have me nipping to the bathroom to apply more deodrant. ‘Uli’ makes this slightly easier by guaranteeing that whatever choice you make, it’s going to be the right one.


Soft shell crab and crispy calamari come beautifully prepared and equally as good in taste. Add vegetable dumplings and you have the perfect sharing starters for two. The miso aubergine salad was just as notable and a good accompaniment to pretty much anything on the menu.In terms of mains, the black bean chicken was good, but the thai green curry was the star of the show.

I love mochi. Who doesn’t like melty ice cream encased in a sweet, chewy outside? ‘Uli’s’ mochis are good, but by no means the best I’ve tasted. The banana fritter, on the other hand, was phenomenal and should not be missed!

If you eat a lot of Asian food then you might be acquainted with what I like to call the MSG hangover. Seriously, too much of the MSG chemicals found in Asian food really can induce headaches, flushing and nausea the next day according to Google (and Google’s always right, right?!). Anyway, I’m pleased to tell you that ULI is a refreshing exception! It likely has something to do with the high quality of ingredients on their menu.

And this level of quality extends to their drinks menu too. The Japanese Bellini – which infused green tea and prosecco – was my favourite, and will probably lead to disappointment for any future bellini I consume, and the Asian Negroni, complete with Japanese sake, adds a fun twist to the original.

The waiters are charming – they have a sparkle in their eyes and a real enthusiasm about the dishes they were serving. Visiting London? Skip the queue to see the crown jewels and head to ULI to discover London’s real hidden gem…