Do underwear items like bodysuits, briefs, sheath dresses and slim leggings really help you dress one or two sizes smaller? Those who have tried them say yes. They are certainly useful as short-term shaping clothing and, if used well, contribute, even in the medium and long term, to firming the skin and improving circulation.

Many women wonder if modelling clothes work. The most important brands of underwear, such as briefs, bodysuits, shorts, thongs, sheath dresses and leggings declare that their products can reduce the waistline by up to two sizes. Sometimes it happens that the opinions of customers are divided, but the interest in this “special” underwear remains very high.

How and when do modelling garments work?

Modelling garments can be bought to contain the belly and hide imperfections, in view of a special occasion. There are women who choose to wear protective clothing when they know they have to attend a ceremony, a gala evening, a wedding.

They have a beautiful dress in the closet, bought when they were one size smaller. It’s almost time for the event, you can’t start a diet or hope to lose a few pounds before the fateful date. Choosing a belly sheath, a shaping bodysuit, in the slip or short models, a tank top or even shorts with push up effects, is a solution. These garments shape the waist, lift the buttocks, contain the belly, slim the hips, support the breast and back.

Women can finally wear the dress they want, without limitations, and they can feel beautiful, fashionable, reducing the sight of those even small flaws, which sometimes seem so big.

Sometimes it takes little to feel good again and look at the most “uncomfortable” situations in the right perspective, resizing them. Two or three extra kilos is not a big deal; it’s no use being sad or feeling uncomfortable just before an important event. A practical solution, like a shaping underwear, will have the objective of untie the knot of the problem immediately: with a clear mind, it will be easier to find strength and resources to decide if it is appropriate to start a diet.

Modelling garments, therefore, work: they help to reduce by one or two sizes because they affect the most critical parts of the body: belly, thighs, buttocks.

Freddy WR.UP

The shaping underwear is designed to contain without constraining: the fabric is made specifically, the degree of “compression” you can choose between strong and medium.

It is very important to choose the right size of a slimming garment: the products on the market today, however, are very detailed in the instructions and methods of use. Some companies advise customers, when they are undecided between two sizes, to opt for the larger size.

Women who have already chosen them often report that slimming clothes are comfortable: they are comfortable underneath the clothes, are invisible and do not bother. Tall bodysuits, tummies, sheaths also promote a good posture, because they support the back.

The technical restraining underwear is breathable; it has a perfect fit, because it is seamless or has extremely flat seams. Today’s modellers on the market do not shrink and keep their shape over time.

What if instead of streamlining, you want to reshape your curves and enhance their strengths?

You can absolutely try some push up pants: beware of choosing a good quality one or the risk is to obtain the opposite effect. For instance we can recommend the Freddy WR.UP® leggings that are faced with denim to give a classic effect, and dynamic fit suitable for everyday, while making sure we miss our beloved but unfortunately often uncomfortable jeans. For those of you who are not familiar with the brand, Freddy is an Italian brand that manufactures clothing using shaping technology, which is incredible! Now who doesn’t want to look good while they’re training? But the good news is that now Freddy is not only specialised in training clothes but also in trendy fashion items, as we can see with these WR.UP® jeans.

How is it possible Freddy WR.UP® help shaping your body in such an amazing way?

These Freddy WR.UP® jeans are made out of a premium quality cotton/jersey material with excellent elasticity in combination with strategically positioned panels to give a silky and shaping effect to the thighs and hips. Since the tissue itself is so comfortable and convenient, you can also train until your heart is content with them, so much they’re comfortable.