International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

This years message is #BalanceforBetter, aiming to achieve a balanced world. The campaign is asking all us to work out how we can help forge a more gender-balanced world?

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender balance. This is however, so much more than one day, and is something we should be fighting for EVERY DAY.

In short we need to be celebrating women’s achievement. We also need to raise awareness against bias. Urge businesses to have equality in genders in the boardroom, urge the government to promote gender equality in all their manifestos.

To celebrate we spoke to 4 people about the women that inspire them not just this International Women’s day, but everyday.

Rebecca Weef Smith, Editor in Chief of Goldie Magazine, Her Mother

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My mother no longer has any sense of who she is or who I am. Dementia has left her derelict; she has abandoned the outside world for her own internal space. The ravages of this disease may have taken away much of the woman she once was but as her daughter I am now more than ever aware of her legacy and the impact she has had on my life.

We have had a complicated relationship. She was not an easy woman. However she taught me to be the woman I now am and for that I will always be grateful.

My mother was a beauty with fabulous style; she was a real head-turner in the way that Hollywood stars used to be. She could have played out her life on a much wider stage but before she reached thirty she had four children. Just as she was finding life beyond motherhood she had me; an annoyance to her burgeoning career in many ways. But her career, her fashion sense, and her way of being have shaped my sense-of-self. Sometimes I have purposely chosen opposite paths, at other times our objectives have converged. Either way without her inspiration I would be a very different woman.

Ella Sisso, Plus Size Influencer, Gina Martin

The woman that inspires me most at the moment is Gina Martin. This is because despite being only in her 20s and the same age as me she has worked super hard and has had a law changed. She saw a problem, tackled it and actually changed the law. I see this as inspiring because I often feel helpless in life, it feels like there are so many problems and nothing I can do to fix them.

Gina did though! So why couldn’t I? Or anyone else? Her win with the up skirting law makes me feel like it is possible for one person to set in motion some positive change and I think that’s what the world needs.

Aaron Mark, Editor in Chief of Boyfriend Magazine, Grace Coddington

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Grace Coddington was the Creative Director for Vogue for many years, and would frequently challenge Anna Wintour on her choices and decisions.

Grace is a huge inspiration to me, as a stylist her work is nothing short of magical and she has such an amazing ability to tell a story with images, and she doesn’t care that it might not conform to the fads or the trends, she does what feels right. More than just a styling inspiration though, she has no filter on her emotions and won’t think twice about showing her dismay or disagreement with anyone on anything, and that is a trait I look up to more than anything.

For those of you that have delved into the world of the Vogue documentary, ‘The September Issue’, you’ll witness Grace going head to head with Anna Wintour on several decisions that she disagrees with, and its truly fabulous, anyone who isn’t afraid to go up against the fashion juggernaught herself, deserves a medal! The strength, the passion, and ferocity, the power – Grace Coddington didn’t just change the world of fashion, but she paved the way for opinionated fashionistas everywhere to know that it is ok to know your own lane, and that you don’t have to conform to the norm!

Danielle Vanier, Plus Size Influencer and Designer, Her Mother

When ever I am asked this question, I *always* know who I’ll pick.

My Mum is the sort of woman that is so inviting and welcoming with her love; she makes anyone she meets feel loved. It never ceases to amaze me in the way she can be struggling with her chronic pain yet always, always want to help care and make sure that I am as comfy as I can be with my own chronic pain.

My mum has such a special heart. She’s silly and funny and affectionate and I’m so glad I get to call her my Mum.

Gemma Cole, Plus Size Blogger, Hattie Jacques

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I was first introduced to the actress Hattie Jacques when I was around 7 years old, thanks to my families love of old school comedy I spent the majority of my childhood watching, Carry On Movies. Always cast as the strict no no-nonsense character, Hattie was a terrific actress who’s comic timing was impeccable and she could sing too.

What really inspires me about Hattie, is simply that she was plus size, something that was very unique during the 1950s when she became a well known name in comedy circles. She had managed to carve out a successful career and her size didn’t stop her from doing what she loved and putting herself in-front of the camera for the world to see.

For me she was the first plus size actress that I had seen anywhere and just like me she was plus size, a larger than life character that I could relate to. Growing up in the late 90’s early naughties there were no such thing as plus size influences, everyone around me was thin, no one looked like me.

Over the past 15 years I have gained confidence to perform in-front of hundreds of people and know that I’m not being judged on my size or how I look but for my talent and like Hattie i’ve even played a nurse in a recent production of Brassed Off!

I always wonder what her views and thoughts on being plus size in todays world would be? Or if she chose to play the character in the funny situation to avoid the subject of her weight?