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Social media has taken over, and Instagram is the app on everybody’s lips. However, in recent times it has become much less fun. Yes the algorithm has got us feeling blue. So just like you would tend to a garden to make it grow stronger and better, we have to cultivate our feeds.

In order to help keep your feed in fine fettle, we are bringing you accounts that will make your time on instagram so much more enjoyable. So keep reading to find 9 inspiring Instagram accounts you need to follow.

Chidera Eggerue / @theslumflower

Our icon of self love and body confidence, follow @theslumflower for body positive vibes and a glorious aura. Author of her first book What a time to be alone, @theslumflower is one of our faves to follow on instagram.


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Gina Martin / @ginamartin

We love Gina Martin, the campaigner that took upskirting all the way to the government. Yes she is an activist, LGBTQ+ ally, and now an author. Follow her for all round inspiration daily. We adore her energy and her vibe.


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Sarah Alexandra / @fromsarahlex

We adore how open and honest Sarah is with her followers. She combines plus size fashion, lifestyle and disability. She recently wrote an article for the Motability Scheme, how changing her car to a wheelchair accessible vehicle has had a positive impact on her life. We need to be as aware of everyone’s lives, and Sarah is so wonderful to follow.


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Lizzo / @lizzobeeating

THE ICON THAT IS LIZZO. Lizzo is the body positivity singing sensation that has taken 2019 by storm, her Instagram is where it is happening on our feeds. We love her songs, her frankness and her openness that she shares on instagram. We urge you to follow her ASAP.


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Wednesday Holmes / @hellomynameiswednesday

Non-Binary artist and activist Wednesday Holmes campaigns for what they believe in. Working with huge companies like Gucci, Amazon and Instagram, Wednesday is really promoting the LGBTQ+ community. Wednesday works so hard to produce inclusive art and bring so many wonderful people together. They are so inspiring.


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July Child / @julychildjewellery

Run by one of our girl crushes, Sinead, July Child is the one place for some of the most covetable jewellery on instagram. We also love that she speaks to so many different individuals through q&a’s. Her instagram is full of things we adore, and her IGTV is amazing, peep our fashion editor in conversation with Sinead…


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Kenny Jones / @iamkej

Model and Activist Kenny Jones is such a treat to follow on Instagram. We adore how vocal they are for the LGBTQ+ community, speaking out for trans people, menstruation and so much more. They are also inspiring for success, as Kenny is serious about business too.


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Love My chub Club \ @lovemychubclub

Home to some of the most inspiring plus size bodies, @lovemychubclub is a body positivity gold mine. Run by one of our faves, @lottielamour, this is an inclusive and exciting place to see love and acceptance in all forms.


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Jules Von Hep / @julesvonhep

Jules is DIVINE. We fell in love via his podcast with Sarah Powell years ago, and now are obsessed with the body positive Tanning Guru of the world. Founder of The Isle of Paradise, Jules makes everyone feel great about the skin they are in. Seriously you must must must follow!


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