We are very into our reading at the moment, but that does not have to be just books. Yes inspiration and knowledge is every where, and that includes magazines. Print media is very hot right now, as the internet continues to envelop all forms of media, print has had to adapt and get incredibly clever to survive.

Thus the magazines that are in circulation are incredible and honed tomes that will provide you with hours of knowledge and insights. Keep reading to find 9 Inspirational Magazines you need to read.

Goldie Magazine

This is a super age positive magazine, Goldie celebrates all things fashion lifestyle and beauty. The magazine was created for the over 40s, but is a great read for all ages. We love everything that Rebecca does in creating the magazine in her vision. We have met more than a few times, and love her passion, drive and energy.


Profiling bold women in creative and entrancing interviews, Riposte is going to make you think.

“We profile bold and fascinating women whose achievements speak for themselves. Our interviews are honest rather than being full of media trained responses as the women we feature candidly discuss their successes & failures, their work, their passions and perspectives.”

This a magazine you want to tell your friends about.


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The Gentlewoman

This is the magazine where luxury fashion meets high level thinking. We love the Gentlewoman which is the female equivalent of Fantastic Man. High fashion editorials meet deep level thinking, with cover stars in the past Angela Langsbury they are for all women.

We love honest and frank articles they run, with features on everything from race to water. With highlights in the past from the real Erin Brockovich, talking about Flint and the water issues in america! We told you it was good!


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Boyfriend Magazine

We love the direction of Boyfriend Magazine, with lots of great fashion editorials, beauty and of course BOYS. We are biased as we are friends with the Editor in Chief Aaron, but we genuinely love this magazine.

Aaron works SO hard and the industry is all the better for his work and eye.


Food and fashion combined in this witty and unique magazine. We have never read a magazine like this, and we love how original it is. The magazine features high fashion, thoughtful editorials as well as conversations across dinner lunch or any food!


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Positive News

Have you ever thought that the word is only full of bad news, well this magazine hopes to counter that head on! Yes Positive News is the publication that only prints good news about wonderful humans around the world!


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5.18 Magazine

Conscious and full of fight. We love the spirit of 5.18 Magazine. Run by fashion design student Ellie Connor Phillips, this dinky high quality print magazine is a pure joy. What is more, is that it gives a voice to so many individuals and is truly uplifting.


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Dirty Furniture

This magazine is very niche, uncovering the relationship between people and the things they live with. This is a design magazine, that looks at what happens with the furniture after it leaves the store.

This is super conceptional, avant gaurde and really fun.