We don’t know about you, but we love jeans, and find it very hard to skip a day with one of favourite garments in our wardrobe. Yes this denim heavyweight is on heavy rotation in our lives.

The world of work has changed drastically in the last 10 years, but many still wouldn’t wear jeans to work. This cotton work hours has casual practical roots, but now this material masterpiece if acceptable in nearly all situations.

So if like us you are jeans obsessed, keep reading to find out just how to wear jeans to work.

Start small

So if you are taking tentative steps into the world of jeans at your work place. Pick your favourite black jeans, and allow them to replace a typical trouser you might wear.

Black denim is SO chic, and allows you to have the versatility that denim offers, with all the style of a black trouser. If you think warning bells will go off when you get to the office, you are wrong, no one will bat an eyelid.

Think wide leg

The last 15 years have been dominated by the skinny jean, and do t get us wrong we are well and truly wedded to our tapered trousers. However, if you pick a wide leg jean, the visible difference will elevate them to a super smart casual alternative.

Pair with a great wedge, or killer heels for a sizzling summer look. Add a pair of smart flats for a boardroom worthy look too.

Pair with a dress

This works in your favour on two levels. Firstly it takes the formality out of a dress that may see to dressy paired with bare legs and heels. Secondly your jeans are practically hidden.

Our fashion editor Ben always pairs dresses with jeans to increase the wearability of their favourite dresses. Trust us when we say, you will look amazing.

Colour your world

When we think jeans, we automatically thing blue, black and grey. Well with a denim in a alternative colour, you get all the comfort of your favourite jeans, with a covert edge.

Yes embracing jeans in all colours will make them a dream to wear to work.

Don’t be afraid of a formal look

We all have a great piece of tailoring or two in our wardrobes, well perhaps pairing them with jeans is a great way to get more wear out of that blazer.

Just like the jeans take the formality out of a dress, jeans will give a blazer a casual edge. Giving of signals that you mean business, but you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Try denim top to toe

Yes, now you are fully on board with the idea of wearing jeans to work why not go the whole hog. We are HUGE fans of the jumpsuit here at PlusMinus, so why not choose one in a denim.

We are not talking dungarees, we want a more formal structure and shape to the jumpsuit so it’s not too casual. Grab a pair of sandals or heels and you are good for that budget meeting with Karen from finance.