We are adamant that 2019 is going to be your year, with success and happiness coming to all of us. One way we know this is going to happen is by being organised.

We brought you a selection of journals that would help you keep on track this year. Now, we want to help fill you with ideas of how to use your habit tracker planner.

Keep reading for 15 ways to use a habit tracker planner.

Your to-do list

Yes, this may sound obvious, but stick with us. Having you to do list in your journal and not on a piece of paper gives the list more permeance. Thus it feels more real, and you will end up sticking to it and hopefully become even more productive.

Track Your Sleep

If you want to ensure that you are being productive, you are going to need a lot of energy. Therefore you need sleep. Charting your sleeping habits, the length and depth of your sleep will help you see patterns, issues and help you to improve your sleep.

Chart Successes

It is so easy to be over critical of ourselves. Yet when something goes well, we ignore it. Well, you can use your habit tracker to celebrate yourself!

Remind yourself to do things

When was the last time you called your Mum? Have you renewed the TV Licence? Tax return still need submitting? Your habit tracker can be the place where you track the things that you always forget to get round to.

Yearly Goals

Want to learn Spanish? Save up for a pair of really great heels? Well, it is still January so you can use your habit tracker journal to plan what you want to achieve this year.

Month/Week breakdown

Nice and simple, but easily forgotten. Keep track of your appointments and schedules, and get organised.

Meal Planning

Whether you want to eat healthier, get ahead on the meal prep or just get more creative in the kitchen. Your habit tracker is the place to get it all down.

Your Beauty Routine

Working towards a brighter complexion, want to start anti-ageing? Keep on top of your beauty routine all in one place.


Keep on top of your spending, track where you are spending the most money, and help yourself stick to a budget. Using your habit tracker for this will really help you.

Future Projects

Have you got exciting ambitions for an exciting new business, planning social media content, or do you want to get into a brand new hobby? Well, you can use your habit tracker to help you chart all your ideas.

What you have read

Do you want to read more this year? Well, we do. Track what you have read, and what you enjoyed all in the pages of your habit tracker.


Be the worlds best sister/friend/child/dog mum, and chart all the birthdays in your life. Plan when you need to get cards, and get ahead and have the perfect gift up your sleeve.

Time Spent outside

Some days we don’t go outside, and we can feel so stuffy. Getting some fresh air is so good for us. Use your habit tracker to keep a note and remind yourself when you should take 10 minutes in the great outdoors.

Screen Time

Want to keep your eyes from getting sore, and falling down a social media rabbit hole. Well, you can use your habit tracker to set time allowances and see how well you are doing against last week.January is a great time to get your life organised. While we may be a week or so into the new year, you may not have a new diary yet or worked out how you want to structure your year yet.

Make you happier

Using your habit tracker to do all of these things will help you to be happier. It doesn’t have to be militant and strict, it can be fun and flexible.

All you need to do is make sure that it is working for you, to ensure you have the best year ever.

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How to use a habit tracker planner

How to use a habit tracker planner