When working from home, you should be more productive, right? Well, no. Home office workers are notoriously bad at staying on task. So, you thought you could wing it through the work from the home stage and be back in the office in 2021? Unfortunately, it’s here to stay for a lot of people. So, now may be the time to get productive and stay on task finally.

With endless distractions clamouring for your attention, it’s hard not to get sidetracked and lose out on productivity. The first thing you need to know is that productivity is not about how many hours you work but rather the quality of what you are doing whilst you are working. Here’s what you need to do to stay productive while working from home:

Get Rid of Distractions at Home

Working from home allows you the freedom to check your phone or social media more than you would ordinarily in an office. However, this can lead to hours of procrastination, and you might not realise it. If you can’t resist the temptation, then at least try to remove these distractions from your line of sight or turn off notifications. Avoiding diversions like social media, youtube, or other streaming platforms can stop procrastination – instead, try listening to music or ambient background noise

Dedicate a space for your work environment. 

You could purchase a mini-office for your home or designate a corner of your bedroom or living room. Ensure that you have all the needed equipment, such as a desk, chair, ergonomic keyboard, mouse, and task light. Have fun and customise it to your liking.

Your workspace should already be within a short distance to the router, so you’re not waiting for an age for a web page to load. If it’s not, then consider moving closer to the router or moving the router closer to you. Slow broadband is one of the worst things you can struggle with when working from home. Depending on who your employer is, they may offer to contribute towards an upgraded broadband connection. If you’re wondering what broadband is best, you should read this guide on broadband and working from home

Lighting can also play an essential role in how your brain functions. To raise performance and stop you from feeling sluggish, get enough exposure to natural light by placing your desk by a window or purchase artificial lighting.

Keep a routine

Try to keep a routine of going out on your break to refresh your mind and stretch your muscles. Doing so will help you refocus on your work and keep you motivated. Taking a break also gives your brain a chance to rest – instead of getting bored or frustrated, you’ll be more alert and productive when it’s time to get back to work. It can be hard to switch off at the end of the day; doing small rituals to end the day can help differentiate between work and home. Whilst it’s ok now and then to have a casual day, it is not beneficial to work from your laptop in bed every day – no matter how tempting.